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A Guide for Hiring a Corporate Magician in 2024

We've all had an interesting couple of years, but 2024 seeming to be a fantastic year so far without.... ya know- the thing that's been hovering over us for two years. With small businesses and corporations having parties and meetings again, people may find themselves lost with what kind of entertainment to have for the long-awaited celebrations. As a corporate magician, I can say that hiring me would be an excellent decision. With the right corporate magician at your event in Dallas and beyond, you can guarantee an exciting time for guests and employees alike! Here are some questions that might help get things started:

1. We're not sure how many people will be there. Are you flexible?

When it comes to corporate magicians, they should be versatile enough for any occasion. A 1k-seat auditorium should be awe-struck with their 40 minute magic show, your trade show booth should be buzzing with excitement, and a small audience of 20 people who want strolling entertainment should feel included and appreciated. Regardless of the size of your event, I have you covered! Are you having over 500 people at your event? I have another amazing magician I frequently work with who can add even more magic to your event! We team up to ensure every person at the event gets to see something.

2. How long have you been in business? Have you ever performed for large corporate audiences like mine before?

The entertainment industry is a competitive space and it can be tough for newbies to get ahead. However, just because someone has less experience doesn't mean they're not good at what they do! They may have been switching from doing weddings or magic in college settings- maybe even left their old job behind while pursuing this as career? But knowing how much work your prospective corporate entertainer has previously done can help you make an informed decision when deciding on hiring them. If you would like to learn even more about me, check out my recent blog!

A group of people are facing a man in a gray suit.
Anthony reading some minds at a corporate event.

3. We've never hired a corporate magician before. What will you do at our events?

You and your guests should be able to have a good time at the event with plenty of laughter, and gasps from surprise moments throughout. If it's an international gathering where many people don't know each other then you can expect things will go especially smoothly as there will finally be some friendly conversation happening among all parties!

4. Are you insured?

If you're a professional entertainer, then it's likely that at some point in your career you'll be invited to an event where the organizer requests proof of insurance. Luckily for corporate magicians, we usually have this stuff covered! You see though - what if I didn't? Would they have had no choice but to cancel last minute or find someone else mere hours before I was meant to perform my stage show because the organizer did not check beforehand whether all performers must provide their own coverage? That would ruin the event! Insurance is always a good idea, no matter what industry you're in. Imagine the worst case scenario where someone comically dies from laughing too much, or gets an accidental paper cut while picking up cards at your casino party? You'll want to be able have coverage for that! The cost of insurance may seem minimal now but it could make all difference when things go bump.

5. Dare we ask what you'll be wearing?

As I mentioned in another post, not enough people ask this question. Every business has different wants and needs which means that even though some companies might want their corporate magician to dress in an outfit with animal print on it so they can be easily picked out, while others prefer they blend into the crowd without drawing too much attention towards themselves. Every company will always know ahead of time whether there will be a need for tux rentals for formal corporate events- or if something else is more appropriate instead.

My go-to outfit is a sharp, clean suit with an elegant shirt. For events that call for more formal attire I'll rent a tuxedo (I haven't taken the plunge of buying my own yet), or give the local costume shop a call. With a few days' notice you can ensure your corporate magician has unique clothing to fit your event's theme!

I hope these questions are helpful when you're searching for the right corporate magician for your event. You may need to call several to find the one who suits your needs and style best. That being said, I'd love to be considered for your next corporate event! Give me a ring or submit a corporate event inquiry online and tell me about your event!

A good friend of mine is also a corporate magician! Be sure to check him out also.


Photo by: Astute Lenz Photography

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