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Have A Holiday Party That Thrills Your Guests

Contact Dallas' Favorite Mentalist & Magician For An Unforgettable Party

"For the most magical time of the year!"

Gather your friends and be prepared to be amazed as Anthony brings the perfect blend of magic and mind-reading to your festive celebration.


As a talented magician and mentalist, Anthony will create an enchanting atmosphere, captivating your guests with astonishing tricks and mind-blowing illusions.


Whether you're hosting a corporate gathering or a private event, Anthony is dedicated to delivering a magical experience that will leave everyone spellbound.


Grab some hot chocolate or your favorite holiday cocktail, and get ready to add a touch of wonder to your holiday festivities.

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Why should we hire a holiday party magician?

When planning your holiday parties this year, hiring a magician can bring a whole new level of excitement and joy to your event.

Anthony's performance is sure to captivate and engage your guests, providing a unique form of entertainment that will leave them mesmerized. He has a knack for getting people involved and interacting with one another.


His tricks and illusions will create moments of awe and wonder, sparking conversations and shared experiences among guests. This will add a touch of magic to your holiday party creating a memorable atmosphere that stands out from traditional gatherings. It adds an element of surprise and delight, making your event truly unforgettable.


Anthony's ability to work the crowd ensures that everyone at your party is included in the fun. He will perform close-up magic, allowing guests to witness miracles up close and personal, further enhancing the experience.


Add versatility with custom-tailored performances to suit any type of holiday party. Whether it's a corporate event, a family gathering, or a social gathering, Anthony will cater to different audiences and create the perfect ambiance.

If you're hosting a corporate holiday party, hiring Anthony as your magician can help break the ice and foster networking among colleagues. The interactive nature of magic encourages people to connect and engage with one another.


When you hire Anthony as your holiday magician, you can rest assured that you're getting a skilled performer who knows how to entertain and create an immersive experience for your guests. 


So, why not add a touch of enchantment to your holiday parties this year by hiring a magician?


Prepare to dazzle your guests and create lasting memories that they'll talk about long after the festivities are over.

magic & mentalism for your holiday party

What does a holiday party magician do?

Fun Company Holiday Party Entertainment

A holiday party magician makes the party host the star of the show, both figuratively or literally, if they want!


Anthony goes to each person, group, or table and delivers a personal magic experience of fast-paced, witty entertainment.


This helps your holiday party guests to mix and mingle in a fun and memorable way- Anthony is essentially an entertaining icebreaker!


Each group gets the option of choosing what they want to see: either sleight of hand, mind reading, or the most popular option- both!


Some of the most popular effects include reading your guest’s minds, sleight of hand, objects appearing and vanishing in someone’s hand, amazing card magic, and much more!


You’ll hear laughter, you’ll see smiles, and minds will be blown!

When does a holiday party magician perform?

As the festive holiday party kicks into gear, guests find themselves immersed in an atmosphere of wonder and intrigue.


At the heart of the celebration stands a mesmerizing figure—a holiday party magician and mentalist. Anthony commands the crowd's attention with his captivating presence and enigmatic aura.


He will begin by performing mind-boggling feats of mentalism, seemingly penetrating the thoughts and secrets of individuals in the room. Gasps of astonishment fill the air as they accurately reveal personal details, chosen words, and even long-held memories. His mastery over the mind leaves guests spellbound, their skepticism transformed into pure amazement.


With his unparalleled skill and charismatic stage presence, Anthony will create an atmosphere of wonder, excitement, and joyful anticipation. His performance will leave a lasting impression on guests, sparking conversations and shared moments of awe that will be remembered fondly for years to come.

Holiday Party Entertainment and Company Holiday Party Magician
Copy of Copy of CCCopy of Copy of With Over 360 5 Star Reviews, You Can't Go Wrong.png
Copy of Copy of CCCopy of Copy of With Over 360 5 Star Reviews, You Can't Go Wrong.png
holiday party magician reviews

“Anthony was an absolute hit at my corporate event. I needed quality entertainment as I had a venue full of valued clients I wanted to impress. Anthony did an awesome job of "reading" the guests' conversations and approaching them at the perfect time. He actually surprised a lot of people because he blended in so professionally! My clients loved him and appreciated unique entertainment as opposed to shouting over the DJ or band. Will absolutely be using Anthony for future events.”

Virginia Bochy - Expedia

“If I could give 6 stars for Anthony, I would! He put on an AMAZING show - we were thoroughly entertained and kept on our toes. Not only were we enthralled by the magic, but we also could not stop laughing! Anthony is super talented and funny - I would 100% book again.”

Elizabeth Stelmakh – Deloitte

“Anthony is incredible! Such a talent and made such a difference to our event! We had a Vegas-themed Holiday Party, and Anthony was the perfect addition. Not only is he extremely talented, but he has such a fun personality that draws everyone in to be included in the fun. Couldn’t recommend him more.”

Andrea Miller – Southwest

“We hired Anthony for our corporate sales conference to provide entertainment during our casual dinner. He was so professional and entertaining. He stopped at each of the tables performing magic tricks and kept the sales folks laughing and mesmerized by his tricks. Everyone had a wonderful evening, and we thank Anthony for being a part of the success.”

Kathy Garcia – Dearborn National

“We hired Anthony for our company holiday party, and he was fantastic! He really kept our crowd entertained and engaged throughout the night. He showed up promptly and continued to check in with me during the night. Our guests were very impressed with him and talked about it all night. I would highly recommend Anthony for your next event. I plan to use him again in the future.”

Laura Quinonez – Slalom

“Anthony performed at one of our recent company-hosted dinner events, and I was absolutely blown away.

You may think magic is weird or the people who perform it are weird, but Anthony must have received a Ph.D. in Social Skills. The moment he walked in and started talking to folks, all of those preconceived notions immediately disappeared. Anthony was absolutely enthralling.

He is exceptionally talented, and you feel like you get so much more value out of his show vs. what you see at other corporate events. We will 100% be bringing him back. 5 stars for sure.”

William Ripple – Eagle Materials

“WOW! Anthony is phenomenal!  I have seen him a few times, and he is different and mesmerizing each time. I hired him for a major fundraiser with a wide variety of VIP guests, and he stunned and amazed all of them with his strolling magic. His mind reading = mind blowing!  On top of that, he is very personable, works clean, and is very easy to work with.  Definitely looking forward to booking him


Mary Beth Houston – Museum of Science and History

“Anthony is an amazing addition to any event you may be hosting! He was attentive, professional, and most of all, highly entertaining for a large-scale corporate party in which we worked with him. He provides a unique and personalized experience is a treat to work with, and we absolutely plan to have

him work his magic at future events!”

Kelsey W. - Williams Events

“We had an absolute blast having Anthony stroll among party attendees. His humor and professional appearance had him blending right in with the audience. The next day, the office was buzzing with people wondering how he pulled off his tricks. I would definitely have Anthony attend future events, especially when we are in social environments. He is a great icebreaker and a fun way to get people

talking. Ten thumbs up!!!!!”

Erika Hope - Southern Glazers Wine and Spirits


When choosing a Magician for your Holiday Party, I know you have questions. 
I have answers.

Can it match my theme?

Absolutely! The goal is to bring your holiday party to life. I cater to the theming and needs of each event, knowing how unique each party can be. Whether it's renting specific clothing, performing only the client's requested tricks, or acting as a character- I truly value your holiday party and will work hard to incorporate your theme. ​

Do you perform for all ages?

​Yes! The great thing about strolling magic is that it's adaptable. Each group gets their own show. If there happens to be a group that consists mostly of kids, I can show them effects that will be perfect for their age range. I have tricks for everyone, no matter the age.

Can my guests record your performance?

​Of course! For most people, this is their first time seeing a holiday party magician in person, so they want to remember it by taking photos or videos. They will also want to post those videos on Instagram or Snapchat, and I don't blame them! They are welcome to take as much footage as they like and even post them online!

If I hire you for more than an hour, does your time run consecutively?

Almost all of my clients hire me for several hours, usually during the cocktail hour and then to perform during the holiday party itself. I understand that holiday party schedules are sometimes spread out and that you don't always need the entertainment to be back-to-back. As long as it is specified beforehand, the time does not have to be consecutive. Within reason, of course.

I have a high guest count- will you be able to entertain everyone?

If you have a large guest count, I normally suggest hiring multiple entertainers. I have a great group of other professional magicians that I work with to ensure that everyone gets a chance to experience some magic. These performers are vetted by me, and you can expect the same quality service as you would from myself.

Will you be able to make my grumpy uncle laugh?

Nope! I unfortunately can not perform miracles. That man lost the ability to experience joy a long time ago. If anything, I can try and distract him long enough for everyone else at the table to escape his judging glare and backhanded comments. I'll still try my best to make him laugh first, though!

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What are you waiting for? Lets talk about your holiday party!

Anthony Dempsey

Your Holiday Party Magician

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