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Gender Reveal in Uptown Dallas

I'd say 2023 has started to get into a nice groove. We started out a little wonky but I think this year is definitely trying its best to socially distance itself from its predecessor. Thankfully private events have returned in full swing and life as we knew it is pretty much back to normal!

I recently received an inquiry to perform strolling magic for a gender reveal party in Uptown Dallas. I'm very familiar with Uptown Dallas but I hadn't yet performed at this venue, The Clutch Bar. It was a pretty cool place! They have a large indoor dining area, but in my opinion, the patio is where it's at. It had turf grass as a floor covering, a really cool retractable roof/awning, a fantastic outdoor bar, and friendly staff.

This particular client was wanting her gender reveal party to stand out from others, so she thought hiring a magician would help her do just that! I was able to weave around throughout the guests, performing some magic and mentalism for each group. They had such wonderful guests!

As for the decoration, the overlying theme was kind of a Mad-Hatter, Alice in Wonderland type feel. I loved it! They had installed a beautiful cascade of balloons as a statement piece, soft and flowing drapery, and pastel table cloths on cocktail tables to add even more "baby" to the event.

Everyone was sure to wear some form of pink and blue, to get into the spirit of the gender reveal party. The bar was even serving pink and blue champagne!

Man and woman laughing as a magician fools them with a trick.
They couldn't believe their eyes!

The guests had a wonderful time at the event. Not just from enjoying my magic and mentalism, but also from the open bar, the unique desserts, the DJ, and the popcorn machine! This group was a really fun one to entertain- everyone was so energetic and full of laughter. I have a feeling I'll be seeing some of these folks again!

Congratulations again to Ashley and Rey on your soon-to-be baby boy! I truly enjoyed entertaining your wonderful friends and family at your gender reveal party. It will definitely be one I'll always remember!

If you're expecting a sweet baby and you'd like to add some magic to your own gender reveal party, give me a shout! I service not only Uptown Dallas, but also Fort Worth, McKinney, and everywhere in the DFW Metroplex.

Your favorite magician,

Anthony Dempsey

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