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Gearing Up For the Holidays

Wait, it's too early to be thinking about holiday parties, right? It's only August! Not exactly... you'd be surprised by how many people get a head start on planning theirs. Whether it's a family Christmas party, an office holiday party, or a Friendsgiving gathering; it never hurts to plan a little early!

I'm already seeing an influx of December inquiries coming in. A lot of people had to cancel their holiday parties last year to protect attendees from Covid, so they're really eager to make 2022's holiday party bigger and better than 2020 would have been. Almost like they're still making up for the lost years. I can't argue with that! All the parties and small gatherings my wife and

I have planned this year have been a lot more elaborate normal. We had our baby shower back in April of last year, and it was so beautiful! Our moms asked my wife what she wanted it to be like, and she must've had it all planned out in her head. First off, she wanted a specific balloon vendor (Daddy Pop Balloons) to do the decorations; we booked them first because they are highly sought after and get booked up quickly! We had cookies, pies, and catering delivered, and everything fell into place. Thankfully all of this was done far in advance so our vendors could be secured!

Thank you to Daddy Pop Balloons and Gold Dust Event Co for the amazing centerpiece!

Anyway, back to holiday parties! As I was saying, the vendors you really want for your party will be starting to book right now. I have a few bookings for strolling magic and mentalism down in the books already for this December, so I know it's bound to be a busy season like it was back in 2019! Dallas and Fort Worth (heck, and even Austin) hosts a lot of parties, so it's smart to start making a vendor list now.

Hiring a magician and mentalist for DFW holiday parties is sure to be a fun surprise for your party guests. When I'm hired for strolling magic and mind reading, I give people a choice of what they'd like to see. If they're too freaked out by the mentalism stuff, I'll do some fun card tricks for them! But if guests really want to have their minds blown, I've got some awesome mind reading stuff that will keep them up at night. I think giving people the choice of what they'd like to see is what gets me rebooked year after year for holiday parties. It switches things up a bit! I love seeing the look on people's faces when I tell them the name of their childhood best friend, and hiring the gasps of disbelief when I make something vanish from their hands!

So what's the special vendor you'd like to secure for your holiday party? Is it a specific caterer who has the best bacon-wrapped jalapeños? Or is it a caricature artist whose drawings you actually want to hang up in your house? If you'd like to have DFW's highest-rated magician and mentalist entertain your guests at this year's holiday party, be sure to reach out to me today! I love being busy throughout the month of December. I'm always really thankful when Christmas Eve finally rolls around and I'm with my family gathered around our Christmas tree, opening gifts after a huge dinner; enjoying the fruits of a great month of work. I'm even more excited for the holidays now because I have a daughter to buy toys for!

Happy August! Until next time,


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