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Looking for the final piece of the puzzle to complete your perfect event? Anthony has you covered.


You don't have to be a Mind Reader to know that adding interactive entertainment to your function will make it a hit. Let me help you show your clients, friends, or coworkers how much they are appreciated; give them the gift of ASTONISHMENT. 

Stage Performances

Close-up Magic and Mind Reading

Strolling Entertainment is a great way to not only impress your guests, but also help them start the conversation!


Dallas Magician Anthony Dempsey will work his way amongst the crowd, showing them unbelievable feats of the mind and sleight of hand that will leave a smile across their faces and have them wondering how he did it! Every trick is geared to engage the group as well as help them have a great time. Not only will he blow their minds, but he will also get them to interact with one another in a unique and exciting way. This is great for Holiday Parties, Corporate Events, Banquets, Award Ceremonies, Hospitality and any type of Special Event! Breaking the ice is hard to do- let Anthony be your icepick!

Entertain your Brain! Influencing crowd decisions, reading strangers' thoughts and predicting the future… This isn’t a Sci-Fi novel, this is his Stage Show- and your company is the star of it all!


Anthony can customize his Comedy Mind Reading Stage Show to fit any theme as well as showcasing the company in a Corporate Party setting! The show can be scaled to fit any location that you may have in mind, and it can entertain any size crowd- whether its 15 people or well over 1000! He uses audience participation from start to finish, and even does effects that involve the whole crowd! All of Anthony's humor and presentations are guaranteed to be 100% family friendly or your money back. This is world Class Entertainment that has been seen in 20 countries! Don’t miss out on the opportunity of having a mind reader thrill your guests at your next corporate event!


 Anthony makes the couple the star of the show, both figuratively or literally if they want! His Wedding Magic Performances are completely customizable to the clients’ needs, as well as any theme you would like to incorporate.

The Wedding Magic performances are designed to engage your adult guests, and use as many people as possible with each magic trick. This helps us bring the different groups, who may not know each other, together and get them interacting with one another. They will be laughing side by side between the gasps of amazement. 


Imagine how satisfied your guests will be when they find out you’ve thought of everything by adding entertainment to the most magical day of your lives!

Experienced in the following types of events

The great thing about Magic and Mind Reading is that it is extremely versatile. Magic is fun and entertaining at just about any kind of event, from a large Corporate Event, to a small Social Gathering. Below is a list of just a few events Anthony has performed for:

  • Team Building

  • Sales Meetings

  • Conventions

  • Trade Shows

  • Film and Television 

  • Banquets

  • Colleges and Theaters

  • Graduations

  • Prom

  • Country Clubs

  • Award Ceremonies

  • Hotel Guest Entertainment

  • Birthday Parties

  • Special Events

  • Corporate Functions


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