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Mind-Blowing Entertainment For Houston, Texas

Magician and Mentalist Anthony Dempsey is ready to take your Houston, TX, event to the next level.

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Make Your Next Event Unforgettable!!!

Houston TX #1 Magician and Mentalist for Corporate Event Entertainment

Check out Anthony on Penn & Teller: FOOL US!

Service Options For Houston, Texas

Magic Up Close

magic and mentalism for houston entertainment

Also known as strolling magic!

Anthony will mix and mingle amongst your guests, allowing them to see the magic happening right before their eyes.


He will pluck thoughts right out of their heads, ensuring a freaked-out, awe-inspiring evening.

Ideal For: Cocktail Hours, Weddings, Dinner Parties, Holiday Parties, Adult Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, Proms, Hospitality, and Corporate Events.

Stage Shows

Plan on having a stage at your event?


Anthony's got you covered with a mind-blowing magic and mentalism stage show that uses audience participation from start to finish.


This show is a perfect mixture of comedy, mystery, and "What just happened?" 


This modular show can suit a variety of time slots, making it suitable for nearly any type of seated event.

magic and mentalism for houston entertainment

Ideal For: Cocktail Hours, Weddings, Dinner Parties, Holiday Parties, Adult Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, Proms, Hospitality, and Corporate Events.

Houston, Texas: Entertainer, Magician, & Mentalist Promises To Deliver 3 Things To Every Party!!!

Guest Interaction

Ever attend a party where everyone was just scrolling on their phones? How embarrassing! Ensure your guests have entertainment so they'll take pictures instead of scrolling.

An Amped Up Party

Anthony's been trusted to elevate parties of 4, as well as parties of 1,000. He'll make your party THE party.

Peace of Mind

Never worry about inappropriate language or a late arrival. Anthony wants to make you look good! So relax and enjoy your party.

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Alexa N, The Vested Group

“Seriously prepare to be amazed, because Austin Magician Anthony Dempsey is the best! If you're looking for that something extra that will make your party a huge success that will keep people talking about it for months, Anthony is your guy. In addition to possessing copious amounts of magic knowledge, his performances take the shock and awe to the next level. 10/10 would recommend!

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Virginia B., Expedia

Anthony was an absolute hit at my corporate event. I needed quality entertainment as I had a venue full of valued clients I wanted to impress. Anthony did an awesome job of "reading" the guests' conversations and approaching at the perfect time. He actually surprised a lot of people because he blended in so professionally! My clients loved him and appreciated unique entertainment and opposed to shouting over DJ or band. Will absolutely be using Anthony for future events.

Transparent 2.jpg

Randall S, Nissan

Every person in the room got to experience his skills and every single person was amazed! My co-workers are STILL talking about the things he showed us. I usually am a bit skeptical of people performing magic and mind tricks, but Anthony made me a believer. I still have no idea how he knew what I was thinking, but I was very glad that we hired him. He was as funny as he was entertaining!



Can it match my theme?

Absolutely! The goal is to bring your party to life. I cater to the theming and needs of each event, knowing how unique each party can be. Whether it's renting specific clothing, performing only the client's requested tricks, or acting as a character- I truly value your party and will work hard to incorporate your theme. ​

Do you perform for all ages?

​Yes! The great thing about strolling magic is that it's adaptable. Each group gets their own show. If there happens to be a group that consists mostly of kids, I can show them effects that will be perfect for their age range. I have tricks for everyone, no matter the age.

Can my guests record your performance?

​Of course! For most people, this is their first time seeing a party magician in person, so they want to remember it by taking photos or videos. They will also want to post those videos on Instagram or Snapchat, and I don't blame them! They are welcome to take as much footage as they like and even post them online!

If I hire you for more than an hour, does your time run consecutively?

Almost all of my clients hire me for several hours, usually during the cocktail hour and then to perform during the party itself. I understand that party schedules are sometimes spread out and that you don't always need the entertainment to be back-to-back. As long as it is specified beforehand, the time does not have to be consecutive. Within reason, of course.

I have a high guest count- will you be able to entertain everyone?

Read more

If you have a large guest count, I normally suggest hiring multiple entertainers. I have a great group of other professional magicians that I work with to ensure that everyone gets a chance to experience some magic. These performers are vetted by me, and you can expect the same quality service as you would from myself.

Will you be able to make my grumpy uncle laugh?

Nope! I unfortunately can not perform miracles. That man lost the ability to experience joy a long time ago. If anything, I can try and distract him long enough for everyone else at the table to escape his judging glare and backhanded comments. I'll still try my best to make him laugh first, though!

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