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6 Questions to Ask A Corporate Entertainer Before Your 2024 Corporate Event

Whether you're an employee planning a business event, or an event planner who's coordinated hundreds of corporate events, here's a little food for thought. When you're hiring a Dallas magician, you should have a few questions ready. Some of you already ask these questions, while others may have never thought to bring them up! Especially considering the year we've all had, the more questions, the better. 2024 is sure to bring a unique vibe to events, at least for a little while.

1. What size of audience do you perform for?

Typically a good corporate magician or corporate entertainer should be versatile enough to keep the attention of a 1,000-seat auditorium for a 40-minute magic show, as well as a small audience of 20 with strolling magic. Different corporations have different needs, so your entertainment should be prepared to fulfill those needs.

2. How long have you been in corporate entertainment?

Now let me start off by saying this: just because someone is newer to the industry doesn't mean they're not good. They may have just switched from doing another genre of entertainment, like Wedding Magic, or magic for colleges. Some people may have left their old jobs and just started pursuing magic as a career. But simply knowing how much experience your prospective corporate entertainer has under their belt can help you make your decision.

3. What outcomes can I expect from hiring you as my corporate event magician?

You should expect your guests (staff, friends, whoever) to be laughing, gasping, and occasionally letting out a scream (to their own embarrassment) because they're so blown away by what they've seen. You should expect new connections to be made. If your event happens to be a nationwide event where nobody knows one another, you should expect your entertainer to "break the ice" and have them laughing together like they're old friends by the end of the night! If you happen to inquire about a date that I'm already booked, I like to recommend a great friend of mine, Brian Masters. He's another excellent magician who I can guarantee will do a great job for my clients.

Dallas Magician Anthony Dempsey, entertaining a small group at a corporate event.
Dallas Magician Anthony Dempsey at a small, intimate cocktail party.

4. Do you have insurance?

I've had a few events where I was asked about insurance the night before. Thankfully I had it, but what if I hadn't? Would they have had to cancel and find someone else at the last minute? Some venues require any vendor to have some kind of insurance, or they may not be permitted to work in the building. This sort of thing is best sorted out in advance to prevent last-minute hiccups.

Does a magician and mentalist really need insurance?

The answer is subjective, but I feel that it's always good to have a "just in case" safety net. I suppose just in case someone dies of laughter or gets a deadly paper cut when asked to "pick a card". Every professional should have insurance, whether they think they need it or not. It shows that they care about their clients in the event of something unexpected. The cost of insurance is pretty minimal, and it could make or break a business deal. In 2024, my guess is that insurance would be required even more by venues.

5. What kind of attire do you wear for corporate events?

I think this is a great question that not enough people ask! Like I said before; every business is different and has different wants and needs.

While some may want their entertainer to dress in a zebra striped suit with a funny hat and tie, so the guests (staff, clients, whoever is being performed for) can easily pick them out; others prefer the entertainment to either blend in with a nice suit, or be dressed nicer than everyone. Whatever the company's needs may be, it's always good to know in advance so the performer can make arrangements for a tux rental... or a feather boa rental.

Personally, I wear a variety of suits with a crisp, starched shirt. I vary the colors and styles based on the type of event, the season, temperature, and the color scheme they're going for. On one occasion, I was even asked to rent a costume so I'd fit the event's Edwardian theme! I have an account with a local costume shop so I can easily get unique attire if requested, with about two days' notice.

6. Do you take medical safety precautions at corporate events?

I will still wear a mask if a client requests I do. Not everyone is ready to ditch the masks, and I completely respect everyone's personal choice regarding masks.

In addition to masking up, I also carry sanitizer with me that I offer to anyone who "picks a card" or helps me in any way. Just another small gesture that I hope makes people feel more comfortable!

I hope this list is helpful to anyone planning a 2024 corporate event in Dallas, Atlanta, or anywhere for that matter. Check back for updates later this month!

Until next time,

- Anthony

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