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Trade Show Entertainment

That Is Iconic & Unforgettable


 Generate Enthusiasm That Builds Quality Leads

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Are You Looking For Exciting & Professional Entertainment For Your Trade Show Exibit?

Then, make the most out of your trade show investment with Anthony Dempsey.


Anthony Dempsey is a professional trade show magician and mentalist who understands that a lot is riding on the success of your trade show experience.


He can significantly increase traffic to your trade show exhibit, promoting your products and services in a uniquely entertaining way, allowing you to generate quality leads.

The bottom line: if people aren't stopping at your booth, you're not getting the best return on your investment.

Past Trade Show Highlights

Best Trade Show Magician and Mentalist

Check out Anthony on Penn & Teller: FOOL US!

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Some Of My Past Trade Show Successes!


Let Trade Show Magician & Mentalist Anthony Dempsey help you achieve your key trade show goals:

1. Have a crowd gathered around your booth
2. Promote your products and services
3. Generate leads
4. Clearly deliver your company's message
5. Make meaningful connections
6. Make your booth stand out from the rest


Ready to step up your trade show game with unforgettable magic and mentalism? Anthony will travel anywhere in the world for your trade show. 

Trade Show Magician & Mentalist Service Options

VIP Close-up Magic


Have some VIPs that you want to impress?


Anthony can provide his sought-after strolling magic and mentalism to a designated group, perhaps during a welcome reception or after a VIP dinner.


Strolling magic and mentalism is very casual and fun. Anthony likes to treat guests as if they've known each other for years so they can loosen up and laugh with each other. 

Anthony can provide a mixture of magic and mentalism for your guests.


If you prefer one over the other, it's not a problem! Just specify your preference during the booking process.

Trade Show Floor Magic

Anthony understands that every minute counts on the trade show floor.


He'll work your company's products, services, and message into an engaging, mind-blowing set that is guaranteed to draw people towards your booth.


In between sets, he will do some one-on-one magic for attendees who may be waiting to chat with you.


There's so much riding on the success of a trade show.


Why not hire an excellent trade show mentalist to keep your booth's momentum going all day? 

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2018 DEMO




Trade Show Entertainment That Delivers 3 Key Metrics...

Attendee Interaction

It's frustrating when people glance at the booth you worked so hard on, and just keep moving. People will actually stop at your trade show booth when they see Anthony performing!

Increased Traffic

All it takes is a few quality leads to make or break your trade show. Anthony will bring those important people right to your booth using dynamic magic and mentalism.

Peace of Mind

Never worry about inappropriate language or a late arrival. Anthony wants to make you and your company look good, and he takes professionalism very seriously.

Our work
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Alexa N., The Vested Group

“Seriously prepare to be amazed, because corporate magician Anthony Dempsey is the best! If you're looking for that something extra that will make your party a huge success that will keep people talking about it for months, Anthony is your guy. In addition to possessing copious amounts of magic knowledge, his performances take the shock and awe to the next level. 10/10 would recommend!"

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Virgiinia Expedia.jpeg

Virginia B., Expedia

"Anthony was an absolute hit at my corporate event. I needed quality entertainment as I had a venue full of valued clients I wanted to impress. Anthony did an awesome job of "reading" the guests' conversations and approaching at the perfect time. He actually surprised a lot of people because he blended in so professionally! My clients loved him and appreciated unique entertainment and opposed to shouting over DJ or band. Will absolutely be using Anthony for future events."

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Randall S., Nissan

"Every person in the room got to experience his skills and every single person was amazed! My co-workers are STILL talking about the things he showed us. I usually am a bit skeptical of people performing magic and mind tricks, but Anthony made me a believer. I still have no idea how he knew what I was thinking, but I was very glad that we hired him. He was as funny as he was entertaining!"

Trade Show Magician Anthony Dempsey Entertaining Crowd





"You are so DOPE!" 

- Shia LaBeouf

Hollywood Actor



Trade Show FAQs

What do you wear to trade shows? 

​I really, really, REALLY love my collection of suits. I can wear a typical business blue suit, or I could spice it up with a salmon-colored linen suit! I first take a look at the company's logo and make sure I'm not wearing the colors of their competitor's logo (yikes). If a trade show client has a wardrobe request, I'm happy to work with whatever they need.

We booked you for last year's booth. Will you have new tricks for us this year?

​Absolutely! I'm constantly rolling out new material, and I keep a pretty detailed log of what I did at each booking- that way I can ensure I'm not repeating anything when I come back. If you have the same products and message as last year's trade show, I can work them into a new set of magic and mind reading tricks. One of my past trade show clients loved my performance the first time so much, that they insisted I just duplicate exactly what I did for their second time hiring me. So I guess what I****

Are you open to traveling to a trade show?

​Most of my work happens in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but I am more than happy to travel anywhere in the world for your trade show. As a full-time corporate magician, I've flown to countless events throughout the country, and occasionally, I'll drive if I'm performing somewhere nearby like Louisiana or Oklahoma.