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6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Trade Show Magician

Updated: Feb 12

Magicians aren't just for the kids! Experts recommend proper planning as the top tip to ensure success at a trade show. This includes coming up with creative ideas to entertain and engage your audience. One way to think outside of the box is with a trade show magician. This professional helps to gather a crowd around your exhibit. They also communicate your message and make a lasting impression on potential clients. Read on for 6 key reasons to hire a magician for your next trade show event.

1. To Attract an Audience With a Trade Show Magician

Trade shows are a highly competitive atmosphere. There are hundreds of companies pulling out all the stops to try and get the most traffic at their booth.Yet, magicians have an art for gathering a large crowd. They use mind-bending tactics to attract attention.Other people will notice your booth getting tons of traffic. This will entice them to stop by your booth to watch the show.A trade show magician offers a creative way to draw people in and generate buzz around your booth. They can also help you to secure more quality leads.

2. To Provide Unique and Unforgettable Entertainment

Magicians are an excellent idea for corporate entertainment. Hiring a trade show magician can offer a more memorable experience. It's a creative performance that no other trade show vendor will have.Did you know that 72% of millennials prefer an actual experience over a tangible good? A magician works to engage audience members with a fully interactive experience. This makes their interactive performance more effective than giving away branded products.People will flock to your booth to see card tricks, magic performances, and mind-reading techniques. These are great icebreaker activities to promote audience engagement. It helps to get people networking and interacting with your brand. A magician is also a great word of mouth marketing tactic that makes a lasting impression. They will help to keep your company name on the minds of the attendees.A magician will have attendees talking about your company long after the event has ended. They will continue to share their experience with friends, family, and other colleagues.

3. To Stay on Brand

There are magicians that perform at children's parties. Then there are magicians who can captivate a crowd of business professionals. Hiring a trade show magician for a corporate event is all about staying on brand.You want to find a magician that fits into your brand's values and niche. They should have the right personality type to appeal to your target demographic.They could be high-energy and comedic or more professional and savvy. A luxury brand does best with a well-styled and mannered magician. This helps to appeal to wealthy and educated business clients.The right magician will work to entertain the audience while still informing them of your message. Here are a few more tips on how to choose the right magician for your event.It helps to discuss your brand ethos with the hired magician before the event. This way they can stay on brand as they connect with your audience. A professional magician also works well with any style of booth. So, you don't need to plan your booth design around having a magician perform.

4. To Please Everyone, From Potential Clients to Employees

When you hire a magician for an event it's not only entertaining for the attendees. It can also help keep your employees and staff engaged and motivated.Trade shows involve a long day of sitting and networking. A magician can keep boredom at bay and provide hours of entertainment. Happy event staff will then communicate and network to the best of their abilities.

5. To Get More Traffic on Social Media

Experiential marketing encourages people to post their favorite experiences on social media. This is a great form of digital advertising for your company.If attendees love the magic show they will be more likely to share it on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. This means that they are marketing your company to their friends and followers.Ensure your brand name is well displayed at the event and around the booth. This ensures a greater online presence for your company.You can even come up with a catchy hashtag to promote engagement. This will encourage people to follow you on social media as well.

6. To Be Smarter About Spending Your Marketing Dollars

Companies tend to spend 5% to 20% of their marketing budgets on attending trade shows. So, you want to know that your marketing dollars are being spent on something that is effective. This investment should go toward creating the most unique and memorable experience.Some companies spend thousands of dollars on showy booth displays or giveaways. Yet, these are not always as effective as an entertaining and engaging experience.A magician works to draw people in and keep them there. There is also no need to hire on any extra staff to oversee games or other interactive activities.With a magician, you can also see the metrics right before your eyes. As new leads come to your booth, you know you're getting a great return on your investment.

Ready to Hire a Magician for Your Next Corporate Event? When you hire a magician you're adding a magical touch to your event. This is a unique way to promote your company at a trade show exhibit. Magicians work to capture attention and communicate your message. They also leave the audience with a lasting impression.Magicians are also ideal for product launches, holiday parties, and team meetings. Learn more about hiring the right magician to enhance your next corporate event. Or find out how a mentalist could help take your trade show to the next level!

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