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What Is a Mentalist, and Why Should Your Trade Show Hire One?

Updated: Feb 6

What Is a Mentalist, and Why Should Your Next Trade Show Have One?

In the United States, there are on average over 100 trade shows per month.

If you are thinking of hosting a trade show or already have, there are ways to expand the entertainment offered. You can do this in a lot of ways but one of the most popular and exciting is to hire a magician or mentalist.

If you have considered having one already, then you may be wondering what the difference is. In spite of their popularity, a lot of people aren’t that familiar with mentalists. This can lead to the question, what is a mentalist?

What Is a Mentalist?

A mentalist is a performing artist who specializes in mental illusion and performance. They do this through talking, performing visual tricks and speaking to the crowd. Mentalists elicit awe and shock from almost everyone that sees them and always makes for an appealing entertainment option.

Mentalists offer a variety of services that can spice up things at your next trade show. Unlike a magician, they don’t always have to be the center of attention and can even more through the crowd. They can do this because they don’t focus tricks which fool the eye, they instead work at fooling the brain.

A mentalist can create tricks using numbers, information and even perception. Many of their tricks are unique and haven’t been seen by the broader public. This makes the experience fresh and inventive which will stand out in the minds of guests for a long time.

Trade Shows and Mentalists

Having an entertainer and performer like a mentalist at your trade show helps break up the presentation. They are also excellent finishers for the show or conference. This will help you end the event on a high note and leave a good impression with everyone who attended.

1. Different and Unique

A lot of trade shows use magicians or musicians as part of their entertainment. This practice has been common for decades and is considered a standard offering.

A mentalist is unique in the ways they perform their illusions and what those illusions are. This will make your event stand apart from others in the area.

The more unique your offering, the more attention it will draw. Even if your event is focused around a niche that isn’t widely popular your event can bring more people in.

The best way to do this is to offer people something they can’t just see anywhere. There are a lot of comedy and magic performances, but not many mentalists.

2. Mind-Blowing Fun

One of the best parts about a mentalist is that they make people think. They can also inspire complete awe in their crowd as people aren’t used to their brand of tricks. In fact, the experience can be so powerful that people will be shocked by what they are seeing.

If you watch videos of mentalist performances, you will see that they even shock and impress other types of magicians. This ability to touch all levels of the public means that they bring a type of fun that is not often seen.

3. Mental Association

Having a guest at your trade show that causes everyone to have such a strong reaction benefits your event. This will associate your event in their minds with the fun and amazing antics put on by the mentalist. People will want to come back next year as they remember how much fun they had.

There is a reason why people enjoy seeing magicians and mentalists. It is an association with wonder and happiness. There are very few people who aren’t touched by and enjoy performance art that challenges their perceptions of reality.

4. Keeps Attention Focused

If you choose to use a mentalist as the main entertainer, all eyes will be on them. This gives you time to adjust the setting or change up displays without drawing a lot of attention. Using an entertaining diversion in order to set up exhibits can make your trade show seem even more professional.

This is also a chance for your staff to clean up the convention center or hall where you are having your event. For the guests to finish their entertainment and then see the changes will impress them. Your event will operate smoother than other trade shows if you master this art.

5. A Mentalist Can Create a Powerful Experience

When people start to delve into how minds work and what similarities are shared, they can have a big impact on the people around them. Mentalists are experts at creating a powerful experience centered around very personal thoughts and feelings. This connects to guests on a personal level.

Connecting to attendees on a personal level is a great way to build your presence. The more outreach and passion that exists for your trade show, the more benefit you will see. Drawing in eyes to see what you are presenting will expand your outreach.

Competitive Pricing

Hiring a mentalist for your event won’t cost you an arm and a leg. They charge based on the job and event, and you can get a quote for your event at any time. This kind of investment offers a great return in both the potential growth of your event and outreach of your products or message.

It's difficult to spend money on an unknown performer. Using one with great testimonials and industry experience is a safe bet. Take a look at the testimonials and information on this site. Anthony is a mentalist from the Dallas/Fort Worth area who has years of experience working with major companies and events nationally and globally.

The Goal of Your Event

So, what is a mentalist? A mentalist is someone who specializes in mental illusions and performances and can help liven up any event.

Whatever goal you set for your event, combine it with memorable performances. There are so many trade shows that no matter what industry you're in -- there is competition. Making your event stand out is key to growing the popularity and notice your business will receive.

Don’t risk becoming just another nameless and faceless event. Hire a mentalist to spice things up in a way that will bring the crowds and keep your guests happy. A happy guest is a more engaged guest, and an engaged guest is what every show needs.

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