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Looking for Corporate Entertainment? Why a Magician Will WOW Your Staff

Why Choose a Magician for Your Corporate Entertainment

There are many types of corporate entertainment that are perfect for your event. But nothing will "wow" your staff more than a magician. Here's why.

Corporate events can be a mixture of fun and mentally-draining all at the same time.

You're excited to form and plan a get-together for your employees and/or clients,

but it will take a major commitment on your behalf to make it as great as can be.

There are things to consider such as date and time, location, headcount, budget, and entertainment itself. Many people don't realize the various amounts of entertainment that they can hire.

But of all the options you have for corporate entertainment, hiring a high-end magician is always the best option.

Here's why hiring a magician will be the best decision you make for your next corporate event.

1. Engagement with the Audience

In order for your corporate event to be memorable, there need to be moments in which all the attendees feel connected.

One of the best ways to connect everyone together is by the entertainment that you've hired engaging with the audience. It provides many noteworthy instances and helps everyone stay focused on the person on stage.

Magicians call for help from the audience often in an attempt to get as many people involved as possible.

Think about it... which one are you more likely to remember: A band you hired that only sang songs no one knew or the magician you hired that called "Kelly" from HR up on stage to do a magic trick?

The answer is obvious. It creates talking points about your event. The entire staff will look back on this day fondly and be begging you to do it again soon.

2. Excitement

Planning an event for your staff and clientele is as much about the day-of as it is about the build-up of excitement leading to the big day.

Some forms of corporate entertainment will be used to draw people in for things like a sales pitch, fundraiser, or meet-and-greet you're trying to organize. The big focus then becomes finding a way to intrigue people to RSVP right away.

The only way you'll do that is through excitement. Something that will give people a reason why they can't afford to miss your event.

Even if you're doing this for employee entertainment, hiring a magician will build curiosity among your staff.

This will help with the natural progression of your event communication strategy to both your staff and your employees that are attending.

3. Generates Business

Magician and mentalist doing a group trick at a party.
Tony Valadez Photography

Hiring a magician for your corporate event will have a positive reflection on your overall brand. 

Clients will view your company as one that not only works hard but enjoys being innovative and interactive. They like knowing that you have fun, not just sit behind a desk crunching numbers.

If you give them a few hours' worth of laughs, gasps, and interaction then they'll be sure to come back for more. That means higher conversion rates, more sales, repeated business, and generating new leads.

You're putting your faith in each client. Rewarding both new and old clientele in the form of seats to watch the magician you've hired. 

Furthermore, it will help you stand out from all other companies that they've done business with. No other company is hiring a magician and if they do, it's because they saw how well your event went. 

4. A Tremendous Option for "Kicking Off" a New Phase

Every company goes through several different phases of growth during its years of production. 

These come in many different forms, all of which can be acknowledged as "checkpoints" for where you ultimately want to go.

Things like launching a new product, opening a new branch office, moving to a new facility, celebrating an anniversary, etc.

All of these are great things to celebrate and start the next phase with a huge bang! Why not add to that excitement with a magician who can help you emphasize the importance of the occasion?

In fact, your magician will be happy to celebrate and acknowledge that accomplishment in front of your entire audience. While the magician may provide the show, the event itself is all about you and your company's achievements.

5. Adds Charm to Your Event

One of the biggest factors that separate a good magician from a great magician is how charming they are during their performance.

If you're looking to make your event a bit more high end and upscale, then a magician will be the perfect compliment to it. They will provide the class and elegance to your event that other entertainers can't match.

They're the perfect blend of humor, charm, "gasp" moments, skill, and proper performance that will leave your audience with a smile on their face.

Not many others can lay claim to that. Only magic and mind-reading have the capability of blowing people away and have them thinking about it long after the event is over.

They'll never forget the performance that the magician put on, and who was responsible for putting on the event? You and your business.

Now that you've seen all the ways a magician can help in your corporate entertainment, it's time to reach out to the best one in your area.

You'll see a return on your investment in the form of new leads, happier employees, and more sales.

Be sure to visit our get a quote page to start the process for your next big corporate event.

For more inquiries, please reach out either by phone at 940-654-0699 or by email at

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