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More Than Meets the Eye

Some may think that by hiring a magician, their guests will be entertained, see some magic tricks, have some laughs, yada yada, end of story. Whether it's a private party magician, a corporate magician, or a holiday party magician, they all bring something unique to the table. In reality, magic is so incredibly valuable to a Dallas event host! In these times of inflation and uncertainty, everyone wants to further research what they're buying or spending money on, to make sure it's worth it, which I completely understand!

Consider this scenario:

An executive is hosting a 50th birthday party for her husband, at a large venue (Dallas- Fort Worth is full of them!), and they're expecting 300 guests. I provided magic and mentalism at their private home Christmas party last year (they were blown away and had me stay an extra hour), and they've already hired me as one of the first vendors for the 50th birthday party. I can't begin to explain how honored I feel to know that I'm one of the most valued components of this 50th birthday celebration. Fast-forward to the week before this party. Everything is ready to go, all the vendors confirmed. The client tells me they're expecting guests they haven't seen since their wedding, which was 28 years ago! The pressure's on, right?

It's the evening of the 50th birthday party. I arrive as everything is almost finished being set up. The long-awaited event has begun, guests start arriving, and a bartenders get very busy very quickly. My clients can only talk to a small group at a time, so it's my job to show these guests that Bob and Marcy want them to have a spectacular evening. The first thing that guests will say to themselves is, "Wow, they went all out for this! This party is a lot fancier than I thought." Hiring a magician and mentalist shows the guests that they're highly valued and that the host truly wants them to enjoy the celebration. I'm blowing the minds of Marcy's high school girlfriends, and then we ask Bob's old college football buddies (some of them never married) to help us out for the next trick, and BAM- connection made. Hey, it's a gift!

I'm not saying that I'm the new matchmaking website here, but a magician really can connect people in a new way. A way that's not pushy, demanding, or awkward. People can walk away if they're not into magic! I don't like to call out shy people, but I do my best to include them in a group trick (in a way that doesn't embarrass them too much) so they can loosen up and have something to chat with others about. I use this method quite often and those shy guests come out of their shells in no time. Making connections is a key factor of my business model, and I pride myself on my ability to see who needs connecting.

Anyway, at the end of my window of service, I'm approached by the clients and thanked profusely for not only helping them entertain their guests, but also for taking the party to the next level. I love working with repeat clients. It's so nice getting Christmas cards from clients who not only value me as a vendor, but also as a friend.

Magic is truly an art. Like some folks visit an art gallery to appreciate the work of a painter or sculptor, other folks seek out magicians to appreciate their art form. Seriously though, some tricks and effects take months, or even years to perfect. Specific muscles must be exercised and developed in the hands for some tricks to be executed correctly. It's taken me nearly 10 years to become as good as I am with reading body language. Now I think you'll see that magic is truly more than meets the eye.

Interested in hiring a Dallas magician? Discover how I can connect your guests at your 50th birthday party, holiday party, or corporate party by calling (940) 654-0699, or emailing

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Cover Image by: Simon Luna Photography

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