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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

My favorite time of the year is creeping up so fast! There's nothing better than the feeling of crisp fall air, seeing pumpkins on front porches, and hearing my daughter yell the word "Halloween" every time she sees Halloween decorations.

Last year I had so much fun doing magic and mentalism dressed as Beetlejuice for a few fantastic Halloween parties, and I'm so happy to be bringing it back for Halloween 2022! The makeup was really tricky for me to nail down, but after a few rounds of trial and error, I'm happy to say that I've got the makeup routine down. I still have a few time slots available for Halloween weekend, and I'd love to make your frightful festivities unforgettable this year!

So what exactly does a magician and mentalist dressed as Beetlejuice do? Well, I do what I do best! I'll start by strolling around your Halloween party, doing my best impression of the one and only Michael Keaton. I read your crowd to see what type of humor they like, and I get the ball rolling with sleight of hand magic tricks, creepy mind reading effects, and jokes galore. Your guests are guaranteed to be laughing all night!

I know there's a ton of parties happening during Halloween weekend, and even the weekend before. Because of the high demand, I've kinda structured those busy days into time slots- afternoon, evening, and late night. I guess we could throw a morning slot in there, but I have yet to see a Halloween brunch exist.

If you're throwing a Halloween party in the DFW area that could use some excellent entertainment, I'd be happy to provide magic and mentalism for your guests! Contact me today to secure one of my remaining time slots for the spooky season festivities!


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