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15 Festive Ideas to Include at Your Next Company Holiday Party

Updated: Feb 12

It's really never too early to start thinking about your company's holiday party. After all, this is one of the few times each year that everybody gets to let loose on the same night. The world has certainly bounced back from recent years, so I know everyone's ready to make their 2024 holiday season twice as fun! I've already gotten several December corporate event bookings- at least somebody's ready to party.

But did you know that only 36 percent of professionals feel that holiday parties are fun (source: Forbes)? This means that 64 percent of people don't enjoy their company holiday parties! 

Obviously, it's not your job to ensure that everyone has the time of their life at your company holiday party. However, you should still try your best to ensure that everyone has a good time and feels relaxed. 

A good way to do this is to create a unique atmosphere for your company holiday and make it different from the ones you've thrown in the past. 

How do you do that?

Check out this guide to learn the top festive ideas to include at your next company holiday party. 

hire entertainment for your next holiday party

1. Hire Entertainment 

Hiring entertainment is one of the best ways to ensure that your company holiday party is a good time. 

With the right entertainment, people don't always have to worry about making conversation. Instead, they can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. 

So, what kind of entertainment should you hire? While this will depend on your budget and the size of your party, some good entertainment ideas include:

A Live Band: Think of the types of bands that perform at weddings. In other words, pick a band that can play a wide range of songs that people can move and groove to. 

A Magician: A magician is a great idea because it's something unique and not something you see often at holiday parties. Plus, magicians are generally a lot more affordable than live bands. 

Standup Comedian: Who doesn't enjoy a night of solid standup comedy? Just make sure that the jokes are kid-friendly if your holiday party is a family event. 

Book a Mixologist: While this isn't necessarily entertainment, booking a mixologist can be a great way to add some excitement to a party. Unlike regular bartenders, mixologists will be able to come up with specialty craft cocktails that are holiday-themed. Who doesn't want some good cocktails after dealing with the pandemic last year?

2. Pick a Theme 

Picking a theme for your holiday party can really help take things to the next level, as this will help get more people involved and excited. 

While there are plenty of holiday themes you can choose from, here are a few ideas:

Winter Wonderland: Bring in the fake snow, twinkling lights, and white decor!

Holiday Movie: Choose from many classic holiday movies such as The Grinch, A Christmas Story, or A Charlie Brown Christmas 

Pick a Decade: A decade party can be awesome whether you choose the 50s or the 80s. Have everyone dress in holiday garb from the decade you choose and buy or rent some decorations that reflect this era.

Ugly Sweater Party: An oldie but a goodie, ugly Christmas sweater parties never get old.

Once you've settled on a theme, let the whole office know. Or, better yet, you can have everyone vote on a theme to get them more involved. 

To make the theme come to your life, all your decorations, party favors, and refreshments should revolve around it. It's also usually a good idea to have people dress in the spirit of the holiday theme. 

have games and prizes at your next company holiday party

3. Have Games and Prizes 

Games are a great way to ensure the fun lasts all night. And, of course, you should have plenty of prize giveaways for the winners of every game. 

Some great holiday-themed game ideas include:

Gingerbread house building contest

Holiday-themed charades

Pin the nose on Rudolph

Christmas movie trivia contest

Christmas song karaoke contest

Ornament or Christmas cookie decorating

Scavenger hunt

Of course, not all of these games have to be competitive. For example, you could set up a Christmas cookie decorating table that people can enjoy at their leisure. 

You'll want to pick out some good prizes for the games that do have prizes. Great prizes create a lot of excitement! Some ideas include:

Movie tickets

Gift cards to popular stores like Target or Amazon

Coffee mugs filled with candy or tea bags

Tech gadgets

Fancy chocolates

Dinner for two at a nice restaurant

Or, if you're really looking to make these games exciting, you could also offer paid days off as grand prizes. 

4. Switch Up the Gift Exchange 

Let's be honest. Secret Santa can be fun, but it gets a little boring when you do it year after year. 

This is why we recommend switching up your gift exchange for your holiday party. Instead of doing secret Santas, you can:

Have a dessert swap: Everyone brings a plate of their favorite holiday-themed desserts. Then, draw names to see who gets what

Make it a themed gift exchange: For example, make it so everyone has to gift a book or everyone has to gift an edible treat

Make it a guessing game: Everyone brings a package, then the first person who guesses what's in each package gets to keep it

Or, you could completely forgo the gift exchange this year and instead have everyone give the money they would've spent on a gift to a charity of their choosing. 

schedule a group outing for your next company holiday party

5. Schedule a Group Outing 

Whether you do it the day of the office party or earlier, scheduling a group outing during work hours can really help lighten people's spirits. 

Plus, this is an excellent way to build camaraderie and engage in an activity that doesn't involve guzzling drinks at happy hour. 

Some great holiday outing ideas include: 

Ice skating

A limo ride to look at holiday lights

Going to a comedy show or sports game together

Playing laser tag

Visiting an escape room 

Whatever you choose, make sure you book your outing in advance to make sure the space can accommodate your large group. 

Are You Ready to Throw an Unforgettable Company Holiday Party? 

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do to make your company holiday party unforgettable. 

Which idea are you most excited to use? Let me know in the comments below!

And, if you like the idea of booking a magician for your holiday party, get in contact with me today. And be sure to check out this guide to learn how to choose the right magician for your event. 

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