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7 Reasons to Hire a Dallas Corporate Magician for Your Next Event

A survey conducted on corporate event attendees indicated that 82 percent attend the event to network, 71 percent visit to learn, while 38 percent are there for the entertainment.

Is your company hosting an annual corporate event this year? Do you want the attendees to leave the event feeling fully satisfied? You should consider including an entertainment segment as part of the special occasion.

When your employees are having fun, and are in a good mood, they can be more open and receptive to the presentations of the day. However, finding an excellent corporate entertainer can be difficult.

Today, attendees are tired of having the same kind of entertainment at every other event. One way your event can shine is by introducing a corporate magician.

But are they effective? Read more to learn why you should hire a magician for your corporate event.

1. Magicians Can Be A Hit For Everyone

With other entertainment options, the attendees need to take some time before they can attune to the entertainment and enjoy it. If they dislike the music that is playing, they get bored and opt out.

Magicians can blend with the crowd by doing spontaneous tricks as well as customized effects to entertain the guests. They quickly grab the attention of the attendees and instigate fun, laughter, and thrill! Certainly something we could all use at a corporate event.

If you are looking for a mood setter, a close up magician is the weapon you require in your arsenal. They possess an ability to mingle and engage the crowd, thus setting a good mood for the event.

2. Magicians Can Be Non-intrusive

Almost everyone is a fan of magic. Unlike other forms of entertainment that use light displays and loud sounds, magic is subtle and non-intrusive.

The guest have the freedom of choosing when to participate or not. Those that do not like the presentation are free to ignore it.

Corporate events are places to socialize and network between different departments or different companies. You do not want your entertainment to be a barrier to their communications. With my particular style of magic and mentalism, I'm always sure to politely say that I won't be offended if they don't want to see anything!

3. A Magician Can Help Change the Pace of the Event

A corporate event involves sharing a lot of information with the attendees. You, therefore, need to find a way not to overwhelm them with a lot of data.

A good magician can give the crowd some breathing time between the transfer of information. To prevent your guests from having information fatigue, you need to allow them some time to rest and laugh.

A magician engages the room and helps to distribute energy throughout the event. They make the session transition smoothly without anyone backing out.

The magician can even give a performance that delivers your message in a way that your guests have never seen, helping make your presentation unforgettable.

4. A Magician Can Be Adaptable

Choosing an entertainer for your event can be hard since most occasions revolve around a theme. However, a magician can fit perfectly in any event regardless of the subject.

Magicians have several tricks in their bag to help them adapt to any situation. Since shows are never the same, magicians can curate their tricks to follow your event's theme.

In today's world, magicians do not use the same old and traditional tricks. They create new, complex, and never seen before tricks that can amaze people at every new party they attend.

5. A Magician Can Be Inspirational

When you create a corporate event, you want to create a day that the attendees will forever remember. But how do you do that?

If you want your event to have a lasting impression on those that attend, you should get the services of a magician.

A magician can do incredible tricks using simple and readily available items. The acts can be stimulating and thought-provoking. They can leave the audience clueless about what happened on the stage. Typically, the higher the education of a spectator, the more frazzled they'll be when they can't figure out a trick's secret!

6. A Magician Can Bring People Together

When close-up magicians perform in a corporate event, they mostly do it in crowds of a few people. Their performance can help create a moment of joy and laughter among people that hardly know each other.

It is an excellent way to help people break the ice and initiate conversations among one another. It softens the awkwardness of introducing yourself to someone!

7. A Magician is Flexible and Can Add Charm to An Event

A magician can do their either long or short tricks depending on their current situation.

If a magician is presenting a trick to a group that loves magic, they can perform for a long time without boring anyone.

However, if while performing their act an attendee interjects with a conversation, they can quickly and politely excuse themselves and head out to entertain another group of attendees. A great magician will be ready for this, because the client's needs come first!

Why a Dallas Magician is a Good Entertainer for Corporate Events

A magician can appeal to the audience regardless of the age. They can also create a custom and unique experience just for your event.

If your company is having an award banquet, a magician can help relax the participants. If the event is a tradeshow, using a magician can be a good marketing strategy as they can feature your product in their act.

A good magician knows when to add humor and when to create suspense to their act. They know how to create a conversation and engage the guests.

They can incorporate questions as part of their dynamism to get the audience to participate willingly. As a magician strolls down an event room, they can help create background noise.

It is especially helpful during the start of the event when everyone is uncomfortably silent. Guests will start laughing while others try to figure out what is happening. This will encourage mingling.

When you hire a magician, all you need to do is explain the type of event you are planning.

They will then curate a unique presentation specifically meant for that occasion. Depending on the event, the magician will know if they need to prepare for a stage performance or strolling magic.

Why Should You Hire A Corporate Magician?

When you consider all the above reasons, you will note that a magician will help create a conducive environment to socialize, learn, and have fun. Dallas has a lot to offer in terms of unique entertainment, and there is a lot to sort through. A successful corporate event should be memorable to all the attendees. For this to be possible, you should get the services of a corporate magician as your event entertainer.

Do you need to hire a magician for your next corporate event? Reach out to me through the website and get a quote today!

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