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A Bit About Me- The Magician

For those of you who don't know me, allow me to introduce myself! I'm Anthony Dempsey, and I'm a Dallas magician and mentalist. Basically, I show up to your party and make sure people have fun. It's a hard life, I know.

I started out as a theatre major when I was younger. In college I learned a bit of magic for fun and absolutely loved it, so I learned more and more, as well as mentalism. My passion for it grew and grew until it became my full time career! I started seeing an influx of Plano Magician bookings, and then the magic and mentalism spread like wildfire!

I predominately perform for corporate events such as large quarterly meetings, as well as for private parties such as milestone birthdays and anniversary parties. I have several stage shows prepared for my repeat clients, so they won't see the same show twice if they hire me year after year! I also provide walk around, mingling magic and mentalism, which is sometimes called strolling magic and mentalism. This seems to be the most popular option among my long list of happy corporate clients because of the fact that guests can be doing whatever they want at the event and not have to sit quietly for an hour. I come and go to each group of guests when I see a short break in their conversations. I'll often give them a choice as to what they'd like to see. Would they like to see some classic magic, or are they in the mood for some mentalism tricks of the mind?

It's such a blast to be able to do what I love for work. A fantastic website called Canvas Rebel recently did a short article on me, spotlighting a little about me as a magician in Dallas. You should also check that out!


Want to read more? Check out the links below to other great information!

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