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Booking a Dallas Magician- How it Works!

You might be thinking, “Is it hard to book a Dallas Magician?” Well, thankfully it’s extremely easy! I’m this post I’ll briefly go over how my booking process works.

First off, you would generally reach out to me via email, phone call, or my website’s contact form . I’m very quick to respond because I know how annoying it is to sit and wait for email responses! I normally email back within minutes of our first contact, and I’ll even give you a quick call if you provide your phone number. I prefer the quick phone call over email conversations; it speeds up the process even more. If you contact me while I happen to be performing at an event, you’ll receive a response as soon as I’m finished, unless it’s a late-night performance.

During this phone call, I gather a few pieces of information. I’ll need your event date and time, event type, location, and guest count. That information will help me guide you towards the best choice of magic and mentalism. For instance, if you’re hosting an intimate dinner party in your home, I might suggest a mini stage show in your living room!

I ask for your general location because although I work predominately in Dallas, Texas; I often book in Austin, Waco, as well as out of state. The price would reflect the amount of traveling I’d be doing.

Once we’ve decided on strolling magic or a stage magic show, and how long you‘d like your guests to enjoy magic and mentalism, we can officially secure the booking. I’ll send you a contract to review, and I’ll also send over an invoice for a date deposit. Once those items are finished, we’re all done!

As your party date approaches, I’ll touch base with you again to see if there are any other details I’d need to know. For instance, if you’ve recently decided to theme the event, I’d want to make sure I’m dressed appropriately. Or if you’d like me to jokingly pick on someone at the party, I’m happy to do that!

You can rest assured that when the big day comes, you won’t have to worry about me being late. It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine. I’ll arrive at least 15 minutes before we agreed, and I’ll simply wait in my car until it’s time to come inside.

I can’t wait to make your next event magical with my interactive entertainment! If you’d like to hire a Dallas Magician for your party, give me a shout and we’ll make it happen.


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