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Important Factors of Being a Great Corporate Magician in Dallas

There's a lot that goes into being a magician in Dallas' vast corporate market, especially when you're DFW's highest rated magician. It's not just all magic tricks and fun stuff. Here are the main 4 things I consider to be most important when working corporate events.

1. Top-notch communication

I think fast and efficient communication isn't a bonus- it's a must. Taking too long to respond to a corporate client inquiry could mean that I've lost a deal with a valued corporate client. I have a little story that sealed the deal for an Apple Watch sale for me. As some of you may know, my wife works as a commercial actress and print model. Her agent emailed her about a really great direct booking, no audition needed! The catch was that they needed her availability response immediately. She isn't too great about keeping her phone on her, so that email went unread for a whopping two hours. By the time she read it, they had booked the alternate, and she felt awful for missing out on such a big client.

My wife's sad experience prompted me to go out and get an Apple Watch so I could see my emails immediately upon their arrival, and respond right away. Of course, there is a time when I "clock-out" for the day for family time; if I receive inquiries after 9:00pm, I generally answer them in the morning.

When I communicate with clients, I make sure to be clear, thorough, and organized. I have all their pertinent information gathered into one file so it can be accessed in one click. I make sure I've asked all the questions I needed to ask well in advance so I'm not scrambling for answers at the last minute.

2. Professionalism

I think this goes without saying, but being professional while doing magic for corporate events is a must. This could mean something different for many people. To me, being professional begins with a professional appearance. I always make sure I get a haircut and beard trim regularly. I drink tons of water every day, and I've actually become quite fond of the Erno Lazlo clay mask- both habits make my skin look better onstage.

I'm also sure to have my shirts dry cleaned and starched; my suits steamed and free of any fuzz; and my shoes clean and polished. I think a magician's wardrobe says a lot about him, including the type of magical performance you can expect. I hope mine shouts, "clean-humored corporate magician whose tricks will keep you up at night".

Professional demeanor and diction are also very important to me as a magician in Dallas. I always use appropriate language and jokes during my performances simply because I'm a reflection of the corporation hiring me. I've been in the audience of comedy clubs where nothing is off-limits. Although taboo topics can be funny and entertaining, they don't belong in a corporate setting. I pride myself on my clean show that is funny and entertaining without taboo topics.

3. Punctuality

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a stickler for being on time. Being late is my #1 pet peeve and I'm instantly in a terrible mood if I'm even one minute late for anything- even if it's something that doesn't matter if I'm late, like a friend's New Year's Eve Party. If the invitation for this New Year's Eve Party says 8:00pm, you'd better believe I'm knocking on my friend's door at 8:00 on the nose. I have a special protocol in place when I'm working events. I plan to arrive at my booked shows one full hour early. I don't actually go in that early- once I've verified the location (venue, home, business, restaurant, etc), I might drive around, grab a bite to eat, or read a book. Some people think I'm crazy for doing this. But tell me, what happens if your GPS somehow takes you to the incorrect location? What if you get a flat tire? What if there's a terrible car accident and you're stuck in traffic? This hour of wiggle room has saved me a few times. I was once given an typo'd address, and I was once stuck in traffic because of a wreck. Had I not allowed for that extra hour, I would've been late. A corporate magician arriving late to a job would certainly never get him hired again.

If you ever have lunch with me, just know that I'll get to the restaurant before you do. You've been warned!

4. Knowing My Audience

It is extremely important for me to know a little about my audience. I don't mean learning their names and birthdays... I mean learning what their company does and stands for. If I'm performing for a company like SpaceX, you'd better believe I'll learn all I can about them as a company. This general knowledge helps when writing jokes, crafting tricks, and customizing the show to fit the needs of the client. I don't perform the same exact show every night. It may be similar in structure, but there's always a level of customization based on who I'm performing for. This has helped me avoid clients feeling like they've been given a "cookie cutter" show, because it's anything but!

There are quite a few more things I consider to be factors of being a great corporate magician in Dallas, but I hope you've enjoyed this post about the factors most important to me. For more information about how to amp up your Dallas corporate event, feel free to read my past blog posts for further insight. You can also check out some of my most frequently asked questions.

Oh yeah, and please remember to wash those hands, people!


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Jul 31, 2021

You act like you weren't the biggest jerk during and after high school. *Eye roll*

Anthony Dempsey
Anthony Dempsey
Jul 31, 2021
Replying to

I’m sure I did and unfortunately I can’t take the past as much as I would like to. Like I said, a lot has changed in who I am and I apologize for who I was to you then.

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