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FAQs of a Dallas Magician

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

If you're wondering what it's like being a corporate magician and mentalist in Dallas, be sure to finish this quick read! I've answered a few questions that I've gotten from past corporate event clients, past private event clients, as well as their guests.

If I hire you for my company's awards banquet, what will you be wearing? Can I rent you a tuxedo?

Believe it or not, I get asked about my attire quite often. I'm not sure if it's because they use a Google image search of "magician", or because they didn't like the way their last magician was dressed. Either way, there is an appropriate attire for any kind of event- whether it be a backyard birthday celebration, or an awards banquet.

For something like a companywide awards banquet, I would be seen in either a tailored suit, or a tuxedo. I've had several clients insist that I rent a tuxedo. This is so quick and easy for me to do that I barely bat an eyelash. My go-to tux shop is Culwell & Son in Dallas. The shop is beautiful, and the staff is very helpful and accommodating. For custom suits, I head over to J.Hilburn in Dallas. They have some really unique products, and I really like the fact that they offer monogramming. I have my initials inside shirt collars and in jacket linings.

How many hours of strolling magic should I book to ensure every guest gets to see some magic at my cocktail party?

Although I'm horrible at anything math-related, I have my own little formula for determining how long I should entertain guests. The factors I consider are:

1. How many guests?

2. Do these guests know one another?

3. Is this a cocktail setting or a dinner setting?

4. Are there any other elements of entertainment (such as an ice cream stand or live animal petting)?

5. Will there be any toasts or speeches happening, which would force me to pause?

Once I gather this information, those little gears in my head start turning and I figure out the appropriate amount of time they should book. There are so many factors to consider, so it is never just a quick straight answer. For certain events that are on a tighter time schedule, like wedding receptions, we just work with the short time frame we have.

Many of the guests at this employee appreciation party don't get out much and aren't very social. What can you do to ensure they have a good time?

Not to worry! While working my way throughout the crowd, I spot the guests who aren't social butterflies and I politely include them in a group trick. This usually stimulates a bit of conversation between the involved guests because they just witnessed something fun and amazing! This is all done without any kind of finger-pointing because I'm sure at some point in everyone's life, we've all been that person who is alone at a party. I make sure each and every guest feels welcomed and appreciated by the host!

We booked you last year for our company Christmas party. If we book you this year, will you have different tricks to show us?

Yes, absolutely! I have several sets of strolling magic and mentalism. I keep a note of which set was seen by whom, and when I get repeat clients, I simply perform a different set! I'm always integrating a new trick here and there, and phasing out old ones; so my strolling magic routines are always changing.

Do you perform for kids as well as adults?

I have several tricks that are enjoyed by adults and kids alike. Although I don't have a designated set of tricks for children, they do enjoy many of my "all ages" tricks! The thing about magic is, it doesn't really matter who you are, how intelligent you are- you can still be amazed by the same trick as the teenager across the room.

My business has several locations in DFW, as well as other states. Would you consider traveling for a series of corporate events?

Although most of my business occurs here in the Dallas- Fort Worth area, I have traveled to many corporate events around the country. As long as I have travel and accommodations, I will travel just about anywhere to do a show! For some reason, a lot of my out of town events take place in New Orleans, which is so convenient- I absolutely love all the excellent food New Orleans has to offer! Tennessee barbecue is another welcome meal when I'm traveling for shows. Okay I just realized that I'm really hungry as I write this article. Moving on!

What made you decide to become a magician and mentalist?

I really love the idea of being able to work for myself and make my own schedule. My love for travel definitely played a part in my decision to pursue magic as a career. I have tremendous respect for my friends and family who have traditional 9-to-5 jobs and have to request vacation time. But do you know what I do when I want to take off to Norway and Sweden for 3 weeks? I just do it! The feeling of freedom is worth it. Aside from that, my job is to make people laugh, and I get to attend some really cool parties along the way. What's not to love?

Is this your only job?

Although doing magic and mentalism is my main source of income, I also work as an actor! In the middle of that crazy health crisis I try to forget, my wife and I actually worked on a commercial for Six Flags, demonstrating their new safety procedures. Here's a video of what we did. It's been shared quite a bit on news channels and theme park enthusiast websites, so I can't actually find the original! I like changing things up a bit with acting, and it's pretty fun to spot myself randomly on a product! I'm also starting to dabble in voice acting- I've always had a knack for doing goofy voices, and I'm hoping to be able to work on a cartoon someday.

What other types of events do you perform for?

Corporate events are what takes up most of my time, but I've performed for a really wide variety of clients and parties. I'm always happy to add a new category to my growing list!

In the school events category, I've done graduation parties, after-prom parties, homecoming dances (mainly to take the spotlight off of the non-dancing teens), school assemblies, and school fundraising events (like those PTA carnival nights). I love doing the after-prom parties because they help teens have a fun and safe evening without any... shenanigans.

In the business category, I've done corporate meetings, sales conventions, employee appreciation, team building, leadership summits, and product launches.

In the life events category, I've done milestone birthdays, 1st birthdays (way cooler than I could have ever expected), retirements, bar/ bat mitzvahs, engagements, weddings (one of my favorites), holiday parties, Halloween parties, and even one divorce party! One that sticks out is a July 4th festival where I performed 4 shows throughout the day. There was a lot of great crowd participation, and I had a great seat for the fireworks show that evening!

So, as you can see, magic fits in with so many types of events. I work my magic to make it special and memorable for each and every guest I encounter. Still need more reasons to hire me? Check out my blog about 9 key reasons to hire a mentalist for your next corporate event.

Okay, I think I'm too hungry to go any further. I shouldn't have mentioned Tennessee barbecue...

Until next time,


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