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9 Key Reasons to Hire a Mentalist for Your Next Corporate Event

If you’re considering ways to liven up your next corporate event, you need to think out of the box. It's been a long time since corporate events have been allowed to happen, so 2021 needs to bring on the fun and the unique! Successful corporate events encourage attendees’ engagement. You’re showcasing your company’s accomplishments. You also want to connect with a specific audience, whether that be corporate partners, employees, brand ambassadors, or press. 

With this in mind, consider a mentalist for your next corporate event! These professionals provide high-end entertainment through refined performances that wow and mystify audiences. 

Read on to learn the 9 key reasons why hiring a mentalist should be your choice for a stylish and engaging corporate event! 

1. Rarity

Mentalists differentiate themselves from magicians by imbuing their performances with believability. Audiences are required to use their imaginations and suspension of disbelief.

Magicians make seemingly impossible feats occur before their eyes. Mentalists, on the other hand, can make it appear as if they have incredible mental powers. 

Not many people have had their minds read, fortunes told, or experienced hypnotism. Mentalists use their knowledge of psychology, body language, and misdirection to create a performance that boggles the mind. 

2. Engagement

Corporate events tend to be passive experiences that only require the audience to listen and watch. After the event has ended, they’ll most likely have a vague impression of the event that doesn’t particularly stick out in their memories. Hiring mentalists ensures that the audience engages, creating lasting memories. 

Mentalists are constantly speaking to the audience, whether they’re up on stage or mingling with a smaller crowd. They need the audience’s feedback in order to perform their magical feats. 

3. Customized Performance

You may acknowledge the fact that mentalists are an interesting and engaging performance. However, you may be wondering how they can relate to your company! This should be the least of your worries. Mentalists are able to tailor their performances to deliver a specific brand message.

For instance, they can incorporate the company’s slogan or motto into their performance. They can also invite valued employees, the CEO, or close corporate partners as featured participants. By incorporating your company’s messaging into their performances, people will begin making positive mental associations with your company. 

4. Media Content

Publicizing your next corporate event may be hard if the majority of the time people are sitting and listening. Through their performances, mentalists surprise, delight, and mystify audiences.

These reactions will naturally show on their faces.

A professional photographer will be able to capture these positive emotions. They’ll preserve them as valued branding content for your website or social media.

Best of all, audience members will have a valued keepsake of their experience. 

5. Versatility

You don’t need to worry about whether your event is small or large when hiring mentalists, as their performances are suited for any event size. A small, intimate gathering will benefit from a mentalist by creating highly individualized and unique experiences for each audience member. 

Experienced mentalists are capable of engaging even large audiences with their performances. More importantly, mentalists don’t require massive props or a huge stage.

6. Inclusive

Corporate events invite a mixture of people from all walks of life, so it’s important that the entertainment doesn’t offend or exclude. Mentalists are known for their personable, friendly demeanors, and experienced performers know how to entertain a room without crossing the line into offensive territory.

For people that aren’t fans of magical performances, some mentalists even add elements of comedy into their shows. Even if some people aren’t fans of magic, everyone can appreciate a good joke and a good laugh. 

7. Sophistication

Magician and mentalist wowing party guests
Image by Tim Hoang Photography

When people think of magicians, they often have the image of Las Vegas magicians with garish outfits and flashy performances. However, mentalists differentiate themselves from this kind of entertainment by presenting a more refined, sophisticated appearance. 

This is what makes them especially great for corporate events. They can appear dressed as professional businessmen or women all the while astounding the audience with unbelievable mental feats. You want the entertainment to stand out, not the performer's outfit.

8. Intellectual Performances

Mentalists’ performances are uniquely intellectual. They don’t use many tricks that rely on props and practiced movements.

They rely more on knowledge of psychology, astute observation, suggestion, and behavior in order to create believable performances.

They will tell you to think of a number or word and somehow reveal a card with the number or word written on it. Although you know that they can’t actually read your mind, it forces people to ponder how they managed to do it.

9. Unique 

Last but not least, a mentalist’s performance is always a unique one. Their performances can vary widely, such as from hypnotization to mind reading.

Moreover, their performances will vary depending on the people they’re interacting with. This means that you can confidently book a mentalist for more than one event without worrying about whether it will still be a fresh and interesting experience for audience members. 

Refined Mentalist Entertainment for Corporate Events

Magicians largely rely on tricks that incorporate sleight of hand and distraction. Mentalists are more practiced in the art of reading body language.

This refined type of entertainment creates a captivating experience that company employees and partners will be talking about long after the event is finished! 

Based in Dallas, I, Anthony Dempsey am a renowned corporate mentalist that has provided premier entertainment for clients such as Coca-Cola, Universal Pictures, AT&T, Neiman Marcus, and SpaceX. 

Ready to book a mentalist for your next corporate event? Request a fast and free quote with me today! 

Your Favorite Dallas Corporate Magician,

- Anthony

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