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My Holiday Survival Guide

Updated: Feb 6

As a Dallas Magician, it's extremely important to stay healthy so I can provide excellent (and safe) entertainment for my clients! This rings true even more during the 2023 holiday season when I'm extra busy (so be sure to book me for your holiday party early) , so many illnesses and bugs can be lurking around. Performing 26 times across a 31-day span can really take a toll on the body and mind- especially if preparations aren't made! I'm sharing some easy, but helpful, tips that help me to stay happy, healthy, and on point during the season of doing what I love most- entertaining at holiday parties. I've included a few links for you to check out as well!

First off, towards mid-November, I begin planning out what I'm going to wear to each event that's already booked. Okay, I know this sounds weird... hear me out! I'm a magician, so naturally I wear suits- but not just any old suit. I have several colors, styles, and fits that work for different types of events, and sometimes clients request a specific color. Some suits are more delicate than others, so I'm mindful of what my surroundings will be. If I plan this all out in advance, I can be sure that specific shirts are dry cleaned and ready on time. I also rotate suits appropriately just in case of an emergency. For instance: if I know my December 21st party specifically requested my burgundy suit, I'll make sure that suit is not worn after December 18th. Why, you ask? I once had someone get so excited by a trick that when she jumped in surprise, her Cosmopolitan splashed on my jacket. Lesson learned. If this ever happens to you, Shout Wipes are an absolute lifesaver! But yes, planning outfits in advance is a great time-saver and for me, a sanity saver.

Since I'm around thousands of people each week, I make sure I have a nice stockpile of Vitamin C and D. As I'm sure many people know, taking them together can help boost your immune system significantly to protect against so many things floating around. I love the Emergen-C drink packets in the mornings, as well as the good old fashioned vitamins.

Being a magician involves a LOT of talking. I know for a fact that if I didn't use these tips, I would lose my voice at some point in December. I start off each morning with about ten minutes of vocal exercises. I learned a lot of these during my college theatre days, but I'm sure you can find some great warm-ups on Youtube. These I then give myself a little spritz of Savannah Bee Company's throat spray. I set reminders on my phone to hydrate every few hours, because it's so easy for me to forget! If I have an unusually noisy evening (this occurs when I'm competing with a live band or a DJ), I end my day with a hot cup of Throat Coat Tea. Now this product may be the worst tasting thing I've ever ingested, but it sure does soothe a throat after a night of abusing my vocal cords!

On a rare day off in December, I simply take some time for myself. There- I said it! Although I live and breathe magic and mentalism, sometimes a day with without magic is just what I need. I'll read a book for a few hours and have a movie night with my wife and daughter, or do some kind of kid-friendly activity. My absolute favorite "family day" is having dinner at my favorite restaurant, Kura Revolving Sushi Bar! Kura has several locations around the Dallas area, including Carrollton, Plano, and Frisco. There is always something new to try, and I've never had anything I didn't love. Small plates of sushi roll by on an ongoing conveyor belt, so you can easily view what they're offering. My two-year-old loves sushi! Don't worry, she only gets the cooked ones right now, but she can't ever get enough. If you're instead craving a hot bowl of ramen, just pop the order into the iPad stationed at your seat, and hot ramen will zoom over to you on a separate belt in minutes! Every time I go there, I leave happy and full. Now you know... you'll find the way to a magician's heart by giving him sushi. Be sure to check out my blog about some of my other favorite restaurants in DFW!

Even if you're not a Dallas magician like me, I hope the simple tips in this post are helpful. Want more tips for your holiday party? Check out my 15 tips to add more festivity to your corporate holiday party as well as my tips on how to get your guests to interact with each other!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

Until next time,


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Apr 08, 2020

Ahh, good old self-care days are so nice. They help me reset when I've had a busy week!

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