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A Restaurant Guide from a DFW Magician

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I'm a restaurant fanatic. I believe that great food can be found anywhere from a food truck, to fine dining, and everywhere in between. In this post, I'll list a few of my favorite restaurants in the area, and I hope you'll try them- especially because small businesses could really use some patronage in these weird and trying economic times! You may ask yourself, "what business does a magician have recommending food?" Well, none- but here you go anyway! I make it a point to drive around randomly and discover new restaurants in my area, and if you try this idea, you'll find that it can be quite magical. Ok I'm done with the puns.

I think you'll see in this post that my flavor palate leans a certain way...

Namoo Korean Bowl

This place is tucked away on Abram Street in Arlington (amongst a mess of construction), but as soon as you walk through the door, you're greeted with delicious fragrances and an inviting atmosphere. Kpop music videos quietly play on TVs throughout the dining area. If you've never experienced Korean food before, this is a great place to have your first taste.

After ordering at the counter

(I recommend the spring rolls appetizer and the Porki-Poki bowl entree), you're welcome to help yourself to some complimentary miso soup. Most bowls are modestly priced at around $9, and can be surprisingly filling!

Namoo Korean Bowl

300 E Abram, #170


Kura Revolving Sushi

I actually had my first visit to a revolving sushi restaurant during my honeymoon in Japan. I hadn't even heard of revolving sushi before then! I arrived extremely early to a corporate event in Plano a few years ago, so I decided to randomly drive around for awhile. I discovered a predominately Japanese strip mall, which included Kura Revolving Sushi. This place has such a wide variety of food... fried tempura vegetables, curry rice, sushi, beef sushi, ramen, and specialty desserts. They use fresh, high quality ingredients in their recipes that competitors simply cannot match. Trust me, I've tasted competitor revolving sushi. I was not only unimpressed, but I actually asked for my bill after 1 plate and drove straight to Kura!

Anyway, what exactly is conveyor belt sushi? It's basically a dining room set up so that one conveyor belt passes by every single table. The belt has a wide variety of items that pass by you, and when you see a plate you like, you simply take it! You're charged per plate, and each plate has roughly 2-3 large bites. If nothing on the belt suits your fancy, each table is equipped with an iPad with which you can order hot items, or items not seen on the belt. These items arrive via another belt, zooming to your seat with a cute "ding-dong" sound.

It's unsettling to think how much I eat at this place. I just can't resist! There are several locations (Carollton, Plano, and out of state). Do yourself a favor and try it!

Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar

I'm a pizza fanatic through and through. I cannot get enough pizza in my life. Anytime I'm stopping by to visit my acting agent in the Dallas Design District, I make sure I starve all day so I can grab a pizza from Pie Tap. I'd describe it as a hipster pizza joint, complete with unique wall art and lighting. They also have a pretty cute outdoor patio with lots of herbs in raised beds.

The pie I always go for is the Prosciutto. It comes with medjool dates, pistachio, arugula, balsamic glaze, and parmesan and ricotta cheeses. The combination sounds very weird, I'll admit that. I only (reluctantly) tried it for the first time because my wife loves medjool dates. Both of us were instantly hooked on this unusual pizza, and we get it whenever we can! Another delicious item to try is the garlic knots appetizer. If you're carb-conscious, don't try it, because you'll be tempted to eat a huge pile of buttery, garlicy, B-R-E-A-D all on your own.

Pie Tap has several locations, but the only one I've tried is in the Dallas Design District. Get your pizza on!

Piranha Killer Ramen

This is a newer place in the Arlington Highlands shopping area and I was hooked since the day they opened (really... I went there on opening day because I just had a feeling it would be delicious). The dining room is decorated with beautiful Japanese murals, and there's even a large Japanese-style table (no chairs) if you're willing to give your legs a good stretch!

The item I keep coming back for is the Shoyu Ramen, with added bok choy. Piranha also has a killer happy hour that I frequent about once a week. The appetizer and small plate specials are too good to resist. I finally got my wife to try a homemade pork rind here, and she's hooked on them. They have delicious gyoza dumplings, crispy rice with tuna, and the list goes on.

Piranha Killer Ramen

309 Curtis Mathes Way


Twisted Root Burger Co.

If you haven't heard of Twisted Root, it's one of the best burger joints around. The industrial, "garage" feel makes it a fun place to dine. They offer a pretty nice variety of meat choices, but I go with the ol' standard of premium ground beef. The burger I recommend is called the "Kevin Bacon"... can you guess why? While you're waiting for your Kevin Bacon, be sure to hit up the pickle bar- yes, you read correctly. The pickle bar has 5 or 6 flavors available, like wasabi, sweet and spicy, atomic, and classic dill. Don't even get me started on their unique sodas, or the homemade shakes...

Twisted root has several locations across DFW, but I usually dine at the Mansfield or Arlington locations. It's a MUST if you've never been here! I got scared for a little while during the pandemic, because both of my favorite locations closed down. It had been a long couple of months without my favorite burger. I do miss their sweet potato fries, but the current seasoned fries are still delicious. I just kinda have this thing for sweet potato fries!

Marugame Udon

After visiting Japan in 2017, I was hooked on Japanese Udon, but could never really find it in Texas... until I discovered this place! The best thing on the menu is the beef udon. The broth is so fantastic, but then they top it off with fresh tempura crumbs and sliced green onions. They also have delicious Mac and cheese made with the Udon noodles, and some fun meal additions like sandwiches and vegetable tempura. I absolutely recommend this place! So many great items that you have to go back again and again.

I hope this post will inspire you to explore Dallas-Fort Worth and find your new favorite restaurants. I love supporting local businesses who create unforgettable experiences and serve up delicious cuisine. DFW has so much to offer; you never know what you might discover!

What's that? I should get back to being a mentalist and magician, instead of a food critic?


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1 Comment

Apr 22, 2020

I LOVE Namoo Korean Bowls! That place is such a hidden gem. You'd never know how good it is by just seeing the storefront.

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