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How A Magician Can Add to Your Wedding Day

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

I'm sure most of you have seen your fair share of magicians throughout your lifetime, but have you ever seen one at a wedding reception? During this unique time of rescheduled weddings, I'm seeing more wedding bookings than ever before. I did some digging and I think I've figured out the reason for this sudden surge of couples searching for a wedding magician.

I keep guests occupied during dinner service.

Simple things, like getting your wedding guests served dinner, may take a bit longer than expected. Surely we don't want guests staring longingly at the buffet serving line, mouths watering for some prime rib! Two of my upcoming weddings had precisely this concern, so I'll be going from table to table while guests are waiting to be released to the buffet line. They'll be able to see some incredible close-up magic to break up that awkward time of waiting for food. Depending on guest count, number of buffets, and certain health restrictions, it could take a whole hour to serve everyone! Imagine smelling that delicious Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese from Awesome Catering DFW and having nothing to do while you wait your turn! You've gotta try that Mac and Cheese, by the way. You'll be hooked after one bite.

I typically do not perform for guests while they're actually eating dinner, only while they're waiting to be served. It wouldn't matter if I made a car disappear- if a delicious meal is in front of a hungry wedding guest, their full attention is going to be on the meal! Even if someone tried to pay attention to magic, if they look down for 5 seconds to cut their steak, they've missed the best part of the magic trick. It was a lesson learned early in my career... no performances during dinner!

I can save the couple from an awkward moment.

This was an interesting story from a few years ago! A really sweet couple hired me to entertain their wedding guests during cocktail hour, immediately following the wedding ceremony. I always pride myself on arriving a bit early, just in case of an emergency. I arrived at this particular wedding one hour early, which happened to be a little while before the ceremony start time. I was familiar with the layout of this particular venue, and I knew the sound of my car pulling in the driveway would've disturbed the ceremony. I checked in with the family and then waited in the car for my scheduled time. Well, it turns out the groom's parents had gotten a flat tire and were going to arrive a full 30 minutes late for the ceremony! The bride's family knew I was waiting in my car, so they frantically called me and asked if I could perform... NOW! Guests were awkwardly waiting with nothing to do, so I did some strolling magic until the groom's parents arrived. It turned out to be a hit, and the couple was happy that it saved them the embarrassment of just having their guests sit there with nothing to do. Wedding magician to the rescue, right?

I can show guests that their attendance is appreciated at a time like this.

I know many weddings are seeing a decline in their guest count. Guests are changing their RSVPs to "No" because of the uncertainty, or because they're high-risk. That is completely understandable! For those guests that did make the trek out to your wedding, why not show them how appreciative you are? One of my upcoming weddings would like me to perform during cocktail hour, and after the magic for each group is finished, they'd like me to say, "On behalf of [couple name], Thank You so much for joining us this evening." This couple is so thankful to have their guests join them, and they want to make sure those guests feel the love!

I can perform for guests at a distance.

I don't necessarily need to be up-close and personal for the entirety of my strolling wedding magic. Typically a distance of 3-6 feet will do. Wedding guests will still be able to enjoy some fun entertainment without worrying that I'm putting them at risk! So many mind reading effects, magic tricks, and entertainment can be done safely.

If your wedding was postponed over the last few years and you're coming up to your rescheduled date, I would love to be a part of your wedding day and help add some flare to the evening. I can provide excellent entertainment for your wedding guests, If you're looking for a Southlake magician, a Colleyville magician, or a Plano magician, look no further, because I actually perform for weddings all over Texas! For tips on hiring a DFW magician, or to learn more about me, check out some of my previous blog posts!

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Cover Photo Credit: Kevin Gaddis Jr Photography

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