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5 Ways to Add Some Flare to Your Wedding Day

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

As Texas' highest rated wedding magician, I've performed at my fair share of weddings. I always have SO much fun interacting with people who are collectively celebrating the love between two special people. Weddings are the perfect time and place to incorporate some unique elements into the day, to make guests feel extra welcomed. Here are a few things I've really liked at some of the weddings I've done magic for around the Dallas- Fort Worth area.

2021 has brought such a high volume of weddings my way, and I've been really enjoying celebrating these wonderful couples!

1. Hiring a Dallas wedding magician or mentalist.

Did you think this wouldn't top my list? I happen to think that magic adds a whole level of elegant edginess to a wedding. Guests would usually be having drinks and sitting around during cocktail hour- why not have them entertained by a professional ice-breaker, AKA a wedding magician? I love seeing the pleasantly surprised look of guests' faces when they find out what I'm there to do!

I make sure that the couple's friends, coworkers, and families are properly introduced to one another, so that the wedding doesn't turn into a party overrun with cliques. If someone isn't incredibly outgoing or willing to chat up strangers by the bar, cliques may inevitably form. So yes, that's where I come in and wow your guests while you're off taking pictures with your new hubby. It's loads of fun!

Another excellent wedding magician, Brian Masters, also happens to be a great friend of mine. I've done several large weddings with him, and he's the first person I recommend if I'm already booked for your wedding date.

Photo Credit: Chasing After Dear

2. Have a truly unique signature drink.

I've seen some tasty-looking signature drinks at weddings (I choose to not indulge, but they sure look pretty in guests' hands). I've seen everything from a cool twist on a classic mule, to a chocolate martini, complete with a Godiva swirl inside the glass, to fruit smoothies! Why not amp it up a bit? If your venue's bartenders are trained to work with liquid nitrogen, you could have each signature drink topped off with a splash of that stuff, so each drink is served with a pouf of smoke on top! There are also liquid nitrogen ice cream vendors around DFW, who are always a huge hit with wedding guests during cocktail hour, or even for a fun and unique late night snack option! Keep in mind, liquid nitrogen is not for anyone. I'm not a doctor, but I've heard that people with certain medical conditions can experience adverse effects if they're exposed to liquid nitrogen. For the general population, liquid nitrogen seems to be perfectly fine. Always consult with a medical professional for specific needs.

3. Get a custom-made neon sign.

I've performed at several recent weddings that had these, and I have to admit, they're really cool! The ones I've seen have all been the couple's last name. They were a huge focal point for the entirety of the evening, just about every guest wanted photos in front of it... heck, even I wanted a photo with the neon signs! I think these are a great investment because it's not only wedding decor- it's also something that can adorn your bar area or game room of your first home as a married couple. I definitely would've wanted one of these for my own wedding, if I'd only thought of it 4 years ago!

4. Take dance lessons.

I always find it really impressive when a couple makes their grand entrance into the reception and goes straight into their first dance. The spotlight is on them, all eyes are on them... and they absolutely nail their first dance as a married couple. Most of us (including myself), are not able to just crank out a jaw-dropping dance to a specific song without practice. I suggest finding a dance instructor who can help you curate the perfect moves that fit your personality and your chosen song. Trust me. I'm a magician who hates dancing, but I thoroughly enjoy watching other people dance well. Your friends and family will always remember it, but not nearly as much as you and your soulmate will.

5. Exchange really personal vows.

At a few of the weddings where I've performed, I've had to wait for cocktail hour to begin right around the corner from the ceremony space (within earshot). During a few of these ceremonies, I've listened to some truly beautiful vows that were extremely personal and precise. I think this type of wedding vow is taking the traditional (but wonderful) vows to a new level. Personal vows aren't for everyone, and some may prefer to exchange personal vows in private (or on an audio recording for their wedding video), while exchanging traditional vows during their ceremony. Whatever your decision is, just make sure it represents you as a couple so that you'll be happy with that decision for the rest of your life. I suppose there's always a vow renewal years down the road if you think of something you wish you'd said to your partner!

I hope this list serves as a little inspiration for incorporating something unique for your wedding day! Don't forget about #1 on my list... magic really has been a hit with wedding guests, especially during cocktail hour. If you feel like your wedding guests will need some ice broken for them, give me a call to check my availability! I look forward to helping you with the most magical day of your life!

Until Next Time,


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1 Comment

Apr 08, 2020

Dance lessons is definitely something I wish I'd done for our wedding. I'm such a terrible dancer. It would've been great to be able to shine on the dance floor! Hiring a magician is a pretty good idea if you ask me!

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