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Behind the Magic

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking a moment to check out my blog; there's so much I want to share and this is just the place for me to do that. I figured I'd start off with a little introduction of myself!

My name is Anthony Dempsey, and I'm a Dallas magician and mentalist, mainly serving the DFW area (in case you hadn't already figured that out). Although most of my work comes out of DFW, magic takes me all over the country, as well as the world!

I love every minute of my job... who else gets to joke around all day and make people "ooh" and "ahh"? It's not just corporate events that I perform for; I also enjoy entertaining wedding guests, private house parties, team building events, and just about any kind of event you can think of. Magic is as versatile as duct tape.

A lot of people ask me, "How did you become a magician?"

This all began when I was granted a college theatre scholarship. Weatherford College (Weatherford, Texas) has an excellent theatre program, and I was fortunate enough to have played the lead for many productions on their stage. At that time, I had been dabbling in magic and hypnosis for fun, and I was asked to do a magic and hypnosis stage performance for a club fundraiser. We ended up having an incredibly HUGE turnout, which was surprising because we only tacked up a couple of flyers around campus! From then on, my interest in pursuing this kind of stuff as a career only snowballed.

I then became friends with a retired magician, "The Amazing Aussie" Tommy Garbin, who became my mentor. We had weekly meetings where he'd teach myself and partner "The Amazing Toad", the history of magic, critique what we had been working on, and introduce us to material that had served him well over the years. I credit my success to those long afternoons with them.

So here I am, still working my dream job in 2023! Over the past few years, I've been fortunate enough to work with top organizations and corporations like SpaceX, Coca Cola, Apple, and AT&T; and I would love to add your company's name to my list of happy, returning clients. There's a reason I'm hired over and over again by the same companies- I'm able to give them new material each time I see them. It makes for a whole new show each time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this; be sure to check out my other blogs, especially this one about tailoring my magic performance for your specific corporate needs.

Until next time,

- Anthony

Want more? Check out my blog about how magic is truly more than meets the eye.

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Apr 08, 2020

This was a fun read!


jason wright
jason wright
Oct 15, 2019

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May 18, 2019

You are a awesome magician & mentalist

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