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The Most Unique Parties I've Performed For

Over the past few years, I've done magic and mind reading for some really great parties. Most of them are the usual, stylish type; but occasionally I get an Dallas Magician enquiry for an over-the-top, incredibly themed soiree. You'll typically see me at corporate events on stage, or strolling around in a standard (modern) suit and tie, but some of my more adventurous clients have asked me to dress a bit unusual! I find that these parties turn out to be the most memorable for not only me, but also for their guests. I mean, who doesn't love a unique party?

I'm sure there are more interesting ones to come, because DFW sure knows how to throw a party! Here are 7 of my favorites:

7. An Office Christmas Party

This doesn't sound so unusual, does it? The party itself was an elegant office party, complete with a gift exchange and an open bar. Here's the catch- I was dressed as a "hip Santa"! That's right- I donned a red Lauren by Ralph Lauren suit, black shoes and black belt, a velvet Santa hat, a white wig and beard! This client had a specific look in mind and we simply translated that look to the style of clothing that I felt most comfortable in. No offense to the real Santa, but I don't know how comfy I'd be in an oversized suit. Needless to say, I had a blast doing magic as hip Santa! I love performing magic and mentalism for office Christmas parties- it's fun to see everyone let loose and relax after a long year of hard work!

6. An Edwardian- Era Wedding

I did a stage performance for this wedding in an old mansion. I sported a burgundy tailcoat, top hat, and interesting neck ties. The couple getting married had some great ideas for this party, and their guests really enjoyed the 30-minute after-dinner magic show!

5. 70s Themed Party

When I was approached by Dayna Tolley, of Party On Events, I couldn't say yes to this party fast enough! This party was complete with Sonny and Cher lookalikes, Austin Powers, and funky lighting and decor everywhere! I'm talking peace signs, psychedelic colors, disco balls- everything you'd imagine a 70's party to be. The folks at the party loved the magic!

4. Witches' Tea Party

This one was actually planned by one of my repeat clients! I don't have any photos because the party was in their private residence, but it was amazingly decorated with all sorts of spooky Halloween decor. They even hired a liquid nitrogen ice cream vendor to whip up some creepy ice cream for the guests! What better way to add to the ethereal atmosphere than to hire me to do magic and mentalism? I was sure to amp up the mind reading to add to the spooky theme.

3. A Mad Hatter Themed Party

I was hired by to- you guessed it- do magic dressed like The Mad Hatter! This event was a lot of fun and it was so beautiful! What I remember most is an enormous flower arrangement that had cute little teacups dangling from it. Brilliant! The magic and mentalism was pretty good too, if I must say. Thankfully I was able to debut my new custom-made violet velvet jacket! It was being made in Portugal and it arrived just in time for this event.

2. A New Year's Eve Wedding

I believe there were 5 New Year's Eve weddings in DFW this past December 31st. I was happy to perform at one of them! Okay, so this one wasn't really themed, but I feel like having it on New Year's Eve kinda makes it have a bit of a theme. I mean, you get to have a countdown at the end of it! This minimalist styled wedding was black tie, moody, with highlights of gold. A really cool thing they had was a custom-made neon sign. I think these things are finally making a strong comeback! I had a lot of fun doing magic and mentalism for their guests. One guest actually screamed because she was so shocked by a magic trick! I really enjoy performing at weddings. Seeing families having fun together, hearing the dreaded best man toasts... gotta love it. This event was planned by the lovely and talented Lyons Events. I also had Brian Masters there to help with the entertainment!

1. A Toy Themed Fundraiser

This was one of the most intensely themed parties I have ever seen! Guests were asked to come dressed as their favorite toy. Since I was there to provide magic and mind reading entertainment, I decided to dress as an old-fashioned magician. I wore a top hat, tuxedo, and a floor length cape! My wife had a new dress she wanted to debut, so she dressed as a princess. This party had a giant-size Easy-Bake Oven, with shelves full of Nothing Bundt Cakes! There was a full-size spiral slide that pushed you out into a ball pit! Snacks and sweets galore, complete with a giant edible Candy Land display. A giveaway at the end of the evening was a jar of candy, from a mega candy buffet. Nothing was overlooked with this event, and I was so impressed by how everything came together so seamlessly. I would expect nothing less from the amazingly talented Jacqueline Events. This event was a fundraiser for a wonderful organization, The Birthday Party Project. Their mission is to bring joy to children living in homeless and transitional living facilities.

Do you have an interesting or unique party idea? Do you plan on having a magic show performed completely by candlelight or perhaps you want it to be underwater? Hiring a Dallas Magician could prove to be an invaluable part of your event. Give me a shout to see if magic is right for you!

Until Next Time,

- Anthony

Cover Image courtesy of Shanna Leigh Images

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