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How 2021 Weddings Have Changed The Industry

As I mentioned in a previous post, hiring a magician for wedding cocktail hours has skyrocketed in popularity. Is it becoming the new Photo Booth trend for Dallas and DFW weddings? Here's why I think this is happening.

First off, hundreds of couples were forced to reschedule their wedding dates. As sad as that is for the couples and all the vendors involved, the delay allowed couples to save up a bit more money, and many of them opted to spend more on their long-awaited wedding day. I believe that most of my 2021 weddings were reschedules who had that extra money to spend, so hiring me didn't break the bank for them! Their guests got an elevated experience because they had more time to save up for their big day.

Another reason why I think having a magician and mentalist at weddings has increased in popularity is that since we were all stuck inside our homes for so long, alone, with not a whole lot to do; wedding couples wanted to go above and beyond to make sure their guests had a great experience at their wedding. Almost like a treat for being so good and staying inside for so long. Sure, everyone loves some delicious appetizers and a curated bar selection, but wedding guests won't be expecting magical entertainment to come to them while they're enjoying cocktails!

Lastly, after 2020 made us all realize how important having fun really is, I feel that more people are willing to spend money in areas they previously wouldn't have. People are planning nicer vacations, they're buying nicer cars, and hosting more elaborately entertained events. So that means, they're having magicians at their weddings now! I've been doing mostly cocktail hours, but a few weddings have requested a formal after-dinner magic and mentalism stage show to be performed. Maybe it's almost like a "you only live once" type of scenario! Or fear of missing out. YOLO or FOMO, you tell me?

Whatever the case may be, I've sure been enjoying entertaining so many wedding guests this year. Seeing the different decor styles, different venues, and different crowds has been a treat and it's only the second quarter of the year! Here's to the rest of 2021 being filled with love, laughter, and magic.

I've seen quite a few nice safety measures taken at wedding venues lately, which brings peace of mind to the bride and groom, wedding guests, as well as wedding vendors. Wearing masks is always a plus, and a very easy way to prevent the spread of germs. Most of my recent weddings have had all of the staff wearing masks and some, but not all, guests wearing masks.

Having hand sanitizer stations placed around the venue (especially near the buffet or bar) is a really nice start. This way, people naturally just use it! If sanitizer is sitting in odd locations, chances are it might not get even used.

Another nice safety measure I've been seeing is spacing out ceremony chairs a bit more than normal. Some venues are setting up chairs with more legroom (a plus if someone decides to sneeze on the back of your head), and some are even placing additional chairs than needed so that there are intentional empty chairs, that way a guest isn't sitting next to someone they don't know. That last one is a brilliant idea!

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is becoming more accessible to everyone, I think that the concern about infection with begin to dwindle. It's always good to be on guard and take precautions, but I'm definitely looking forward to the day when I can leave the house without my mask and see people's faces again. Until then, I've got plenty of masks to last me!

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Cover image also by Hannah Way Photography.

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