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Gender Reveal Party Magician

Are you wanting your gender reveal party to be a party to remember, with entertainment they'll never forget? Then look no further, you've found it! I provide just that- entertainment your guests will never forget. Give me a call today to see if my magic and mentalism is right for your gender reveal party!

Your favorite magician and mentalist, back again to talk about the fun, growing trend of gender reveal parties! Not a big fan of starting a wildfire while letting the world know if your baby's a boy or a girl? What about the dad-to-be getting whacked with a baseball bat by accident? No? Well if you'd prefer to have a gender reveal party that is fun, entertaining, and gets to the point without any injuries, be sure to read on!

The last one I performed for was a beautiful, well-planned event in Uptown Dallas, and I'm really looking forward to my next one in August. No matter the theme of your gender reveal party, I can work with you to incorporate your theme into a fun way to celebrate your baby. And if you're not going with a specific theme, just a relaxed backyard party, I can certainly do some really entertaining strolling magic and mentalism for your friends and family while they're enjoying some drinks and socializing. This always ends up being the most popular option for my gender reveal clients. They typically just want to make their rounds throughout the party and chat with everyone at some point, but they want to make sure there's someone there to enhance the mood of the event, because we all know that sometimes at parties, there can be awkward silences when there is nothing to do, and the mood can fall flat. And heaven forbid people scroll through Facebook during your party! I'll be the one to ensure people are hearing laughter during your gender reveal party, which certainly lightens the mood for everyone!

As for my clothing, I have a pink-ish (more like salmon) linen suit that I wear with a baby blue shirt, that way I'm team.... whatever the mom-to-be is having! But again, if you have a specific theme in mind, we can work together to figure out what would be best. The pink and blue outfit seems to work well every time though!

I would love to be a part of you sharing your exciting news with family and friends. If you're planning your gender reveal party, be sure to contact me to see how strolling magic and mentalism can truly add value and excitement to the party! The easiest way to reach me is to call me directly. I can give you a price quote very quickly so you can get back to planning your gender reveal party! Email or text is fine too. You can find all my contact information on the homepage of my website.

If you're expecting a little one, I can say from experience- cherish every minute of sleep while you can! Having a child is so incredibly rewarding and exciting, and also tiring! I hope to be a part of your joyful celebration as you get ready to welcome your new baby. Happy planning!

- Anthony

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