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Getting Ready For The Holiday Season

I think it's safe to say that corporate events have finally returned in full swing! It's hard to believe that this time last year, events were still being cancelled left and right, and all of us (including me) were gaining our COVID 15! Thankfully that's all behind us now. Dallas has bounced back really well, and so has this Dallas Corporate Magician.

It's so great to see my calendar filling up for this December already! Like I mentioned in a previous post, if you have a specific date in mind for your holiday party, you've got to reach out to me during the summer to ensure you get it! You might be asking yourself, why would I hire a Dallas magician to perform at my company's holiday party? Is his magic and mentalism really aimed at adults?

Year after year, having a magician and mentalist at a company holiday party is a tried and true hit. There's nothing else that can give that same level of excitement to your guests. And to answer that question- YES, Anthony's magic and mentalism is absolutely for adults! Why else would he be hired for the holiday parties of companies like SpaceX, Cisco, and American Airlines? So many companies have been happy with Anthony's performances at their Christmas events and have become repeat clients.

Magic and mentalism is something unique that can be added to many events, giving guests something to talk about long after the party ends. Yes, they'll also have pictures, and they may even have a hangover to remember the party by, but hiring a magician and mentalist will leave them with an unforgettable experience. Not every party has a magician (they should!), so it's also an unusual party element. Why not throw guests a curve ball?

If you're planning your company's holiday party, or even a family Christmas party in your home, please reach out to me to see if the services of a Dallas Magician are right for you!

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