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Need Some Company Holiday Party Activity Ideas?

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Are you on the hunt for innovative and exciting 2023 company holiday party activity ideas? Look no further than Magician & Mentalist Anthony Dempsey, who specializes in captivating adult audiences. With Anthony Dempsey as part of your event, you can guarantee a holiday party experience that will elevate the festivities to new heights, making it more engaging and memorable than in years past. His unique combination of magic and mentalism brings an extraordinary element to the table, offering your team a much-needed break from the traditional holiday party routine.

Of course, complementing Anthony Dempsey's mesmerizing performance, there are a multitude of other activities that can round out your holiday party itinerary for an unforgettable event. Here are some additional ideas to consider:

- DIY Photo Booth: Equip it with funny props and backdrops that align with the holiday theme, providing a creative outlet for your team to snap some memorable pictures.

- Food and Beverage Tasting Stations: Whether it's wine, craft beer, or a smorgasbord of international cuisines, tasting stations are always a hit.

- Casino Night: Create an upscale casino experience with game tables like blackjack and roulette for a night of risk-free gaming excitement.

- Live Music or DJ: Choose a musical style that suits the company culture and keeps the energy up.

- Charity Component: Incorporate a giving aspect to the celebration, such as a silent auction, where proceeds go to a cause the company supports.

- Employee Cookie Exchange: There isn't anybody out there who can't appreciate a homemade cookie or other sweet treat. Encourage members of staff to bring a fun baked good to share, so that everyone gets to go home with a variety of fun treats to share with their families.

Incorporating a variety of activities alongside Anthony Dempsey's performance ensures that there's something for everyone, setting the stage for a truly remarkable company holiday celebration.

In summary, when it comes to company holiday party activity ideas, the goal is to create an event that's not just entertaining but also enriches the bonds between team members. By including a captivating act like Magician & Mentalist Anthony Dempsey, alongside an array of other engaging activities, you'll not only offer a one-of-a-kind experience but also set a new standard for company holiday parties. This year, move beyond the usual fare and invest in an event that promises to be both fun and memorable, making the holiday season truly special for your team.

Another fantastic magician for events like this is a good friend of mine, Brian Masters. He does some incredible magic with a Rubik's cube that will keep you up at night!

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If you're at the point of being ready to book now, contact Anthony to secure your date and time. December dates are going fast!

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