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Thank You, Grayson College!

I recently was invited to perform a stage magic and mentalism show for the students of Grayson College a few weeks ago and I had a wonderful time! The theatre staff was incredibly welcoming and the students were excellent magic show spectators; from the moment I arrived until the moment I left. It was quite a long drive from the usual Dallas performances, but it was well worth the drive because I got to get Whataburger on the way home.

About 45 minutes before showtime, a torrential downpour started. I’m talking high winds and an insane level of rain! I figured this would deter students from attending the show, since most of them would be walking to the theater directly from their dormitories. But lo and behold, 15 minutes before showtime, the rain let up a bit and we saw students quickly braving the rain with their umbrellas, not wanting to miss the show! We ended up having a wonderful turnout, despite the rain!

The show was full of crowd participation, a ton of laughter, and a whole lot of stunned silence. One of my on-stage helpers was a student named Lucky (coolest name ever), who was so tall that he made me look like a little kid. He was awesome!

I can’t wait to be back out to Grayson College for another college magic show. I‘m already working on a new stage magic show for you guys!

Go Vikings!


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