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Wedding surveys show that after “I do", 81% of guests say that the entertainment is what they remember most about the wedding they attended.

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Why should we hire a corporate magician?

Look at it this way: you want your business to look good. You want people to see your business as thoughtful, professional, and personal. Hiring Anthony as your corporate entertainer will check all those boxes for you. Anthony is well-versed in business etiquette and can bring a smile (or a dropped jaw) to anyone in the room.


There is a lot riding on having good quality entertainment, and it's sometimes difficult to work out the good from the bad (and the ugly). Anthony's experience working exclusively for corporations means he understands what is expected by this type of clientele. 

Let's be real, nobody wants to hang out at a boring corporate function. You want your partners, employees, and guests to remember how much fun they had, right? You want them to brag to their friends that your company is the best company to work for, and that you throw the best parties! Anthony sees your future, and he's in it.

What does a corporate magician do?


A truly skilled corporate magician will use magic and mentalism to enhance the event without taking the spotlight off of the company and the host. You can expect to hear gasps of excitement when something vanishes from someone's hand, or maybe some confused "What the hecks", when Anthony guesses a word someone was merely thinking of!

Rest assured that your attendees will leave with a feeling of satisfaction and astonishment; but just a fair warning, the wondering can keep some people up at night!




When does a corporate magician perform?

There are several options for Anthony's corporate clients. The most popular is "strolling" magic and mentalism. In this instance, Anthony will work his way through the party, stopping at cocktail tables and small groups of people, performing short, private shows for everyone. This allows the guests to have a very personalized experience. Strolling magic can be performed during cocktail hour, while people are waiting to be served dinner, or really anytime throughout the evening.


If an after-dinner stage show better suits your event, that is also an option! Anthony's stage show will engage everyone at the same time, and he has some incredible effects that are specifically for a large crowd.

During your initial inquiry, Anthony will gather a bit of information about the event. If you don't have a set time frame you'd like for him to perform, we'll go over your guest count, layout, and budget to determine when the performance should take place. Anthony will address your specific needs and work out a personalized solution for your unique event. 


“I hired Anthony to perform at my daughter's wedding. Our venue had implemented strict restrictions regarding social distancing and I needed something that could entertain our guests and keep them seated at their tables during the reception. Anthony's show far exceeded what I hoped it would be. He was funny, clever and professional. Not one "trick" went wrong. He was able to include the bride and groom, members of the wedding party and special guests in several portions, making the whole performance seem personalized and as if it was created just for them. It was such a unique and memorable experience! All the guests raved about it. With guests in ages ranging from children, to young adults, to middle aged and great-grandparents, it was something for everyone! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!”

- Amber M.

"Anthony is THE BEST!! He is so skillful, professional and FUN! Our wedding guests LOVED Anthony's performances and kept telling us how Anthony really helped take our cocktail hour / wedding reception to the next level! We cannot say enough great things about Anthony; we definitely recommend him to all!"

- Victoria P.

"Anthony is not only friendly and fun to work with, but he is truly good at what he does. He’s incredibly easy to get along with, which makes him the perfect icebreaker for large social gatherings! Anthony entertained our guests for our cocktail hour and reception. He floated around between guests and groups, and got people talking that normally might not have. We had a large group, with people all across the board: introverts, extroverts, loud, shy, dancers, non-dancers... you name it. It was so nice to have someone there that could engage with everyone. It let us enjoy our evening more knowing our guests had a great time! And he didn’t have to use any rainbow scarves or rabbits to make it happen." - Rachel L.

“Anthony helped some of my shy wedding guests come out of their shell and have fun! I'm really glad we decided to hire him. Having him entertain our guests made our special day even more special! I'm so glad that we chose Anthony to be our wedding magician!”

- Laura J.

"Anthony was the magician for my clients' New Year's Eve wedding. He was so, SO fantastic. Arrived early, tried to help with set up (!) and dressed impeccably. The guests enjoyed him so much - the hit of the night! Anthony is super personable and I swear he performs real magic! Thank you so much for being so incredibly easy to work with! Highly recommend his services. Looking forward to our next event together!"

- Linda L.

Corporate Entertainment FAQ

Can it match our theme?

Absolutely! The goal is to bring your dream to life. I cater to the theming and needs of each couple, knowing how unique and special this day will be. Whether it's renting specific clothing, performing only the client's requested tricks, or acting as a character- I truly value your wedding day and will work hard to incorporate your theme.

Do you perform at destination events?

Yes! I perform nationally as well as internationally, and I'm passport ready! I love when I get a chance to help with destination wedding entertainment. Some clients have even hired me to perform during the pre-wedding festivities the night before.

Can our guests record your performance?

Of course! For most people this is their first time to see a wedding magician in person, so they want to remember it by taking photos or videos. They will also want to post those videos on instagram or snapchat and I don't blame them! They are welcome to take as much footage as they like and even post them online!

Do you do in-person meetings like other event vendors?

Yes! For my local couples, I love to meet up over coffee or brunch. I like to get to know my couples and hear all about their vision; there is no better way to do that than meeting face to face and getting to know each other. For my out-of-state couples, we typically meet via zoom or a series of phone calls.

Do you perform for all ages?

Yes! The great thing about strolling magic is that it's adaptable. Each group gets their own show. If there happens to be a group that consists of mostly kids, I can show them effects that will be perfect for their age range. I have tricks for everyone, no matter the age.

If I hire you for more than an hour, does your time run consecutively?

Almost all of my clients hire me for several hours, usually during the cocktail hour and then to perform during the reception. I understand that wedding schedules are sometimes spread out, and that you don't always need the entertainment to be back to back. As long as it is specified beforehand, the time does not have to be consecutive. Within reason, of course.

Will you be able to make our grumpy CEO laugh?

Nope! I unfortunately can not perform miracles. That man lost the ability to experience joy a long time ago. If anything, I can try and distract him long enough for everyone else at the table to escape his judging glare and backhanded comments. I'll still try my best to make him laugh first, though!

We have a high guest count- will you be able to entertain everyone?

If you have a large guest count, I normally suggest hiring multiple entertainers. I have a great group of other professional wedding magicians that I work with to ensure that everyone gets a chance to experience some magic. These performers are vetted by me and you can expect the same quality service as you would from myself.

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"Anthony came to perform at our wedding and blew everyone away!!! Our guests thought it was the coolest thing to have a wedding magician and couldn't stop complimenting how amazing Anthony was at his craft. He is just that good! Thank you so much again, Anthony! You truly elevated our wedding day!"

- Shannan R.

"Anthony made our wedding a complete hit! We are still talking about how amazing he is as a magician and entertainer! He was the highlight of the party!"

- Andra W.

“We hired Anthony for entertainment at our wedding and he absolutely did not disappoint! He worked the room during our cocktail hour and dinner, and stunned and amazed our friends. Then, he put on a 45 minute show that was fun, energetic, and everyone had a great time. We would definitely hire Anthony again for another event. Thanks so much!”

- Aaryn M.


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