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Life During the COVID-19 Pandemic

I want to start off by singing my praises to the medical staff, grocery store staff, truck drivers, delivery drivers, and everyone else who is doing so much for the country during this time of uncertainty. Your efforts are so greatly appreciated! I seriously would've already starved to death if it hadn't been for truck drivers and grocery staff. THANK YOU!

Wow, has it really been a whole month since this all began? It felt like a wall hit me when I found out how bad everything was getting.

I was booked to perform a show in Europe in late February last year, so my wife and I made a little vacation out of it. We visited Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands. At this time, Italy was the only European country on the main radar. Well, we were due to visit Milan on March 6th! We had to scramble to cancel our hotel and reroute our flights home. It was a mess, to say the least. We were finally able to make it home on March 10th, mere days before travel between the US and Europe was suspended. Although I'm sure there would've been a way for Americans to get home, I'm so incredibly thankful we were able to make it home with no problems (except, a flight that would not be refunded... we gave up the fight of sitting on the phone on hold for hours). And even more so, I'm thankful that neither of us ended up sick from the countless flights, train rides, subway rides, and taxis we took.

Upon arrival on American soil, my email began pinging with one cancellation email after another. I don't blame anyone- who would really want to have a corporate event right now anyway? No thanks! After thirteen consecutive "Well that's a bummer"-s, the storm finally ended. So. Quiet. I don't like quiet. I like things to be hustling and bustling, and I like having twenty phone calls to make every day. I like having lunches booked, meetings scheduled, and somewhere to be every single day. I suppose I just enjoy being busy! Thankfully, all of my clients were able to reschedule their events to a later date.

So what does a corporate magician do when nobody is supposed to leave their homes and life as we know it has come to a screeching halt? Well, I'm definitely respecting the government's request to stay home- I'm not one to play around with that. I haven't left the house at all, aside from getting groceries twice and the occasional random drive to see what's happening out there. I've spent a lot of time catching up on my long list of books to read, office organization (I may have watched the Marie Kondo show), long dreaded yard work, and mayyybe I've spent some time playing video games. Oh yeah- and I've practiced a little magic too! I am a magician after all. I think my wife has cleaned every crevice of our house- I caught her washing the walls on a ladder the other day- I didn't even know that was a thing?

But as soon as life starts slowly creeping back to what we know as "normal", I'm ready to hit the ground running. I'm ready to nail those corporate events that were rescheduled, and I'm ready to make up for all of that precious lost time. People are going to be ready to celebrate again, and I'm ready to help them make their celebrations even more meaningful and memorable than they already will be. I miss my job so much and I can't wait to start doing magic for people again.

Show those employees your appreciation for sticking it out during the virus pandemic! Thank those customers and investors for supporting your company during the time of economic uncertainty! There are so many types of events that can be enhanced by adding magic and mentalism. If you're planning an employee appreciation event, a customer appreciation event, or any other kind of corporate event, I would love to provide some magic and mentalism for your post- quarantine celebration! Contact me today for a free quote.

Until next time,


Want to hear what else I've been up to during the pandemic? Check out this blog to find out!

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